Thank God for technology - I was on the phone with someone in another state when the results were announced that Barack Obama had won. I ran to the TV and put it to a local channel that had the foresight to show it live (another thanks to technology in Nigeria).

The speech was preceded by prayers and that alone is a sign that Christianity was back in control in that country.
I have to confess that I cried throughout his speech. Not just because of his words but the enormity of it all.

A Kenyan is the next president-elect of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A BLACK-SKINNED MAN was going to rule the WHITE HOUSE. A Black Family was going to be the First family in the world.

I cried and sobbed because his words were what we all wanted to hear, words of hope, words of encouragement, and words of affirmation. YES WE CAN. There is no limit to what we can do. Nothing is impossible [for God]. We are here to help each other. We are here to ensure that progress is made. We are here on earth to make sure that the future remains bright for the next generation.

He talked about Ann Nixon Cooper who is 106 years old. He talked about how much she must have seen and experienced over the last century, and he wondered what legacy we would be building for the next century to see.

He is a noble man. He did not spill dirt on McCain or Palin, but honoured them, and he did not condemn the Republicans, but recounted their values as honourable. He did not jeer at those who didn't vote for him, but beseeched them to be his friend as he knew that he was yet to gain their trust, and to work with him to make USA a better place, and promised to always have a listening ear for them as well.

Senator Barack Obama commended everyone, for helping him reach the highest office in the land, and attributed his victory to the American voters and not his abilities or his clout.

He is a noble man I must repeat again, because he reached out to the whole world, saying that he would fight those who wanted to tear down the world, and would continue to uphold America's beacon of light and hope for the world to see.

I cried again when their whole family came on stage - Senator Biden's family as well. As a Nigerian I could not help noticing that change indeed has come. The future holds a lot of promise and hope was revived after that speech.

Yet I wonder what the future has in store for Africans, because Senator (ok let me correct myself, his title don change now, abi?)...
President-elect Barack Obama (this one dey long sha) has had Africa's total support from the beginning, but will issues that concern Africa be near the top of his agenda for the world? Will we even be significant?

Time will tell....The future is bright.

Some people will wait for its impact in their environment, while some will go about their daily business, as usual (even spouses - my dad has been calling every 10 minutes, since he is in Chicago where the speech is being given, while my mum has been snoring [am sorry mum but you were] all through the speech).

Let us hope that only good change will come Africa's way in the next four years.


Proffy Prof said…
I was stunned by the figures myself. It was unbelievable but it happened any way."...America, the place where anything is possible..."-Obama.
Someone on TV said,"Obama is my Role model, in fact hes a role model to adults not just kids!" and nothing could be more truer(sic)...oops.hope my English tutor doesn't see this!!!
She is speaking for a lot of people who have mountains in front of them and have NO OPTION than to overcome them. Thank GOD for Obama