Wedding Day: He who finds

He who finds a wife, has found a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord. The day was filled with soo many things that I love...let me start listing them:

I love my cousin's wedding dress, It was a lovely sequinned dress with a sloping wrap that fitted her like a second skin. It had a lovely thin veil that was like cobwebs spun in a pattern, and she was soooo beautiful (am tired of using that word, but it is soo appropriate).

I love the cool look her groom was in, the smooth suit, and the lovely smile with tears in his eyes.

I love the ties the grooms men were wearing.

I love the dresses we had on - so glad I was part of the train.

I love the vows they exchanged - I had to fight tears several times during the service. It didnt help that I look so much like the bride and everyone was staring at me and wondering where I sprung from. and you know when I cry - my face just screws up, and I didnt want to spoil the lovely makeup I had on.

I love the pictures we took afterwards at the lagoon front of the university of Lagos. The setting was enchanting, and with ten bridesmaids and ten grooms men, it will definitely be a masterpiece.

I love the look on Vicky's face when he saw me after the church service. I wish i could keep that look as a picture forever. He was stunned. Half of that stunned look stayed on his face for the rest of the day, and he eventually said it out, 'Is it really you? Are you really this beautiful?'

I love the love that was displayed within the family - both families. They were extremely happy with the choice that each child had made. That cannot be bought you know - the happiness you see when your parents feel you have made the best choice and the relief they have that they didnt have to force you into a union with someone else because they could not have chosen a better mate for you (hope am making sense).

I love the day. It was the first of November, and it was a very lovely morning. Rain had fallen the night before so the air was crisp, and it was sunny, and bright.

I love the attention to detail that the interior decorator (another aunt of mine) paid to every thing. The hall looked enchanting, and the color matching was superb.

I love the gifts given to the bridesmaids, and the special attention paid us through out. It was very endearing.

I love the wedding. It was planned for 2000 guests, and covered by NTA Network, and Channels TV. I am looking forward to seeing myself on TV (:D), and looking lovely too.

I love the romance - they were just staring into each other's eyes for long periods. My cousin had tears in her eyes all through the church service, and even at the reception. It was lovely to watch, and touching.

I pray that we all find the one human created to be our soulmate, and recognize the person as that - our other self, and also that this happens in time.

It was a memorable experience... but I kept wondering why people were asking when mine was going to happen and predicting next year (Vicky no be u I dey talk to indirectly o!).

Hope we all get there....soon.



Proffy Prof said…
....Oh so touching!!!!...I think i'm gonna cry myself(sob)2x.Ok back to biz. Why did u keep wondering bla bla bla...? We must eat ur own cake next oh. And notice i didnt say next year.Hmm hmm...dont mind me oh.just trying to act like one lady called Miss Chievious!!! Oh u didnt know it was a she or u dont agree? well dats for another blog or commment!
Kafo said…
GOd is good
next year, the year that follows
it doesn't really matter

okay okay okay
maybe it does matter
u guyz are in my prayers
kciv-drupal said…
Maybe the experiences you are having are to help give you a dose of what is coming in for you. So........Be prepared.
xi said…
" it you? Are u this beautiful?..."

Daydah said…
You know, looking back, I actually remember that Vicky actually went to look for the bride - he later said he wanted to catch a glimpse of what I would look like at our own wedding. His comment? 'heavenly'.
Well he was speechless at our wedding, even after we were all alone in the honeymoon suite. Priceless....