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Wipe your eyes my Child

Wipe your eyes, wipe your eyes, My Child. What is the use of crying.

Clean your tears, clean your tears, my daughter, it brings no solution.

But Father, I am all alone. My very life is not even mine to plan. It seems everytime I look up to You with a smile, and say Thank you, there is always some drama waiting to happen around the corner.

Everytime I look ahead with bright hope,
and plan ahead with such faith,
it falls to shambles because of some unforeseen blockade,
some unbelievable occurrence.

Others walk the same path, and its smooth,
their feet barely touching the floor as they hurry by,
but mine...
my own is full of potholes,
of unimaginable limits and delays,
some stupid reasons why I cannot move forward.

I am tired Father, I am tired. I don't know why my own must be different. Who did I offend before being born?
Who is it that I must appeace once and for all so that I can move on without a hitch?
What did I do to deserve all this?

I know how you feel my Child but it is the Christian way of life... It is my way for you.

But Father, I cannot bear it anymore. Am I the only Christian around here? How am I to keep a smile on my face, when what I go through is not even comprehensible to me?
Why must I be the one with all this experiences?
Even my own brother does not have it this tough in life.
Why was I selected for this sort of life?

My thoughts towards you are of good and not of evil, Child.
It is to lead you to an expected end.

Whose expected end Father?
I do not understand why this has to be my own life story...

I go out of my way to please everyone,
I make sure I never leave anybody I come across gloomy.
I try to touch as many lives as possible,
to add sunshine to people's lives,
help them to fulfill their dreams.
I even pray for so many others,
I tend to forget to pray for myself.
I cannot remember the last time I spent my own money on myself.
I care about people; I try to represent You all day long.
I reach out.
All the time, and what do I get?

I get "testimonies", all I get is testimonies.
Can't my life just be normal?
Must I be the one all the time?

Why me?

It is not about you, my Child.

You have to learn to remember that.

It is about ME.

It should always be about ME.

The focus of your life, the centerfold of your soul, should be ME, Jesus Christ.

Think not about your daily travails;

think not about your mountains of difficulty, of inabilities.

Focus on God and all the rest will begin to dissolve into the dust, as they ought to be.

Yes Father....I have listened to your Word.

Help me...

Give me the grace to live as I ought.
Give me the strength to stand against the winds of turmoil when they blow my way.
Give me the willpower not to cry when things don't go smoothly.

Abide with me, and incline thine ear to me.
Listen to me when I call on you Lord, and wipe m
y tears away.

I need you Father, only You can provide the support I need to go through this life.



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