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Thank you, 2008!

I just wanted to thank you all for being a part of my 2008,
for listening to me, when I made sense and when i did not,
for being there for me,
for reaching out to me even when I seemed too distant,
for calming me in the midst of the storm,
for helping me to direct my gaze upwards, towards the Son, when I felt that the darkness around me was about to envelope me,
for praying for me,
for loving me just the way I am,
for being you all the time around me, and not some pretentious person,
for caring,
for understanding,
for moving me forward,
for loving me,
for being my friend.

I want to also thank you in advance for ensuring that you attain the goals you set for yourselves for 2009,
for becoming the giants I know you are,
for drawing closer to God,
for making me proud of who you are, and what you have achieved in 2009.

I shall play my part and continue to pray for you,
try not to matchmake you with each other (am trying my best already!),
and try to create more quality time for you,

Thank you for my 2008!

The Honda CRV...

I saw something terrible today that I cannot even cry...

I was in a Bus going to Ketu along Gbagada Expressway, and the driver was overtaken by a fine Honda CRV, silver in color. I was not able to see the person driving, but that didn't stop me from lamenting in my mind that I was still not "allowed" to drive my own Toyota which was being warmed up every morning by my mum's driver.

I had barely woken up from my self - pity (*rubbish as it wont make any sense to you, but you can read about it) only to notice that we were only 5 passengers in the bus.

I started pleading the blood of Jesus, and trying hard to blot out all the 'One Chance' stories I had heard from my mind.
We had reached the foot of the bridge, almost at Iyana Oworo bus stop, when I heard several shouts.
The gala and bottled water boys were running helter skelter. I looked back and saw a tanker rushing down the bridge.

It was out of countrol. All the cars in the middle lane swerved towards the right l…

Internet money geration - IMG101

My brother came home a few days ago from Delta state. He was leaner and darker, and cast more funny jokes. For a day my mum and I just could not stop staring at him, but as usual he put my mind to work."How can I make twenty thousand naira in three weeks with what I have?" he asked, then added, "Think about it properly. It must be something, I can do, someone that is not so internet savvy."I held my breath - and I have been thinking about it since then. I have sooo many ideas running around in my head! So many in fact that I have decided to treat each individually,on one of my other blogs, and on my site.Each one will have the following paragraphs:a. Name and Description: will contain the name, and the description of the IMG.b. Necessities: will contain what is necessary to run the business e.g bank account, internet access.c. Upfront Costs: will contain the extra costs needed to set up.d. Plan: will contain how to plan time to oexecute the project, and if it can b…

Innocent Blood

"Open the door!" he heard someone shout in Hausa. When the shouts would not stop he rose up in alarm, then quickly did a head count as the other people at home came to the living room to ask what was going on. No one was missing.

Who dared to make such a ruckus in the staff quarters of the University of Jos? Who had the audacity? He glanced at his two Corper friends, then strolled to the door, sure that the three of them could defend the home and protect his three sisters and mother.

Fifteen minutes later, all three young men were lying on the carpet, their heads severed from their necks. The cuts were neat - yes, they were dead. The mother sat on the floor in shock. Her daughters were crying silently. Her only son was dead.

The murderers didn't touch her or her daughters. They came to slaughter only the males, they'd said.

The last 25 years rolled by in front of her eyes - his conception, his birth, his growth, his progress from kindergarten , to nursery school, to prim…