Internet money geration - IMG101

My brother came home a few days ago from Delta state. He was leaner and darker, and cast more funny jokes. For a day my mum and I just could not stop staring at him, but as usual he put my mind to work.

"How can I make twenty thousand naira in three weeks with what I have?" he asked, then added, "Think about it properly. It must be something, I can do, someone that is not so internet savvy."

I held my breath - and I have been thinking about it since then. I have sooo many ideas running around in my head! So many in fact that I have decided to treat each individually,on one of my other blogs, and on my site.

Each one will have the following paragraphs:

a. Name and Description: will contain the name, and the description of the IMG.

b. Necessities: will contain what is necessary to run the business e.g bank account, internet access.

c. Upfront Costs: will contain the extra costs needed to set up.

d. Plan: will contain how to plan time to oexecute the project, and if it can be carried out as a hobby, or part time or if it needs full time concentration.

e. Profit: will contain how it will bring in profit for you, how to get paid via the internet, and how to cash your money.

I think that should cover it! Check the blog for updates on this issue!

Right now I am exploring the site, Lulu, and what it can offer me as a poet and writer. Feel free to check it out!


xi said…
The question he asked is how he can make 20k with what he has.

My question is, what does he have, how much is his initial capital? That is a major determinant.