the boil on my toe is almost gone..

Yes I had a boil on the second toe on my left leg. It was horrible as it ached me to no end. At one point, I thanked God I was at work because if I was at home, I could have found a knife to cut off the toe and end my misery. It was that bad.

Prior to that, I had malaria and a chesty cough which managed to make me go from my cheerful self down down into melancholy. And I gained weight in the recuperation period. Yes, I GAIN weight when I am ill, and not vice versa. Its why I fight to stay healthy all the time.

So now I have a big tummy, and fragile left foot, but you know what?

I am happy.

I made it into 2009. I have a left foot to complain about. I have weight to shed, which means I had access to food in the first place. I now have a job, and my brain is buzzing with ideas on how I want my year to be like.

I am grateful to be among the living.

Its not a feat I accomplished myself. I have God to thank for that.

But I have something to worry about...

I wonder what He has in store for me this year, because if last year is anything to go by, I am going to be surprised out of my pants...again!


xi said…
Pls did you say "surprised out of your pants?"

Sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask you to qualify that. Did you mean it literarily or figuratively?

Or was it just a Freudian slip....
Daydah said…
@xi: Freudian....Freudian in this environment where I have minds like yours...definitely Freudian