Attention Card Holder

I am totally angry with the youth of today. I am talking about all those dudes that sit in front of a PC/Laptop and think up ways to scam people. Now they are not even zeroing in on foreigners anymore.

No o! They don't hide behind the finger, saying "It is colonization money" anymore. Now we in Nigeria are the targets. Everyone that has an email address is a supreme target.

Some might say its not news, but I will tell you what got me riled up this afternoon. Some stupid kolo person sent me this mail:

InterSwitch Nigeria Limited= Attention Customer: Please Confirm Your InterSwitch Security Upgrade 2009

From: "InterSwitch Nigeria Limited"
To: undisclosed-recipients

[then with the interswitch logo]

Attention Card Holder,

This is to notify you that our services are being upgraded to a new, better and more secured system . You are now required to CLICK HERE and register all your DEBIT CARDS, X-CHANGE CARDS, and CASH CARDS online IMMEDIATELY so as to enable your card to work on our new servers. Only registered cards will work with the ATM machines.

Note that in order to continue using your card for ATM transactions, you MUST register your card(s) online IMMEDIATELY BY CLICKING HERE .If you do not register your ATM card(s) immediately, you will no longer be able to use your cards with the ATM machines or for ATM transactions and your card(s) will be cancelled or terminated.

Adhere to this instruction on receiving this message and click here immediately to register your card. Our goal is to satisfy all our customers need.

InterSwitch Nigeria Limited

Copyright(c)2009. InterSwitch Limited. All Rights Reserved
[end of mail]

it is soooooooooooooooo annoying! These people are terrible - I can pick up to five things that shows they are dupes!

First the security upgrade cannot happen without the banks not knowing. Everyone's ATM is connected to banks, and since the banks are Interswitch primary customers, it is reasonable that the banks notify their customers, NOT interswitch.

Second, interswitch makes too much money - how come they don't have their own mail system? Why use aol? It is not possible that they do not have "". Even that is silly, because they would have a dept that will use something like "info@interswitch" or "helpdesk@interswitch".

Thirdly, there is no direct url to the site. I mean that is the biggest mistake!

Fourthly, the copyright for the site cannot be 2009 - that will mean it was just created which is impossible!

And Lastly, the threat is very unreasonable - Interswitch cannot cancel a card without first notifying the issuing bank. It is the bank that grants the permission to them to cancel or freeze an ATM card.

I hate these lazy nogood jobless stupid blokes, and every chance I get I curse them with Deuteronomy 25verses 15 down. They are sooo lazy! Their counterparts abroad are putting their intelligence to good use, in developing apps that will be beneficial to their communities while these lazy bones are just coming up with ways to dupe other people of their hardearned money.


Even if you offer them a honest way out, they are too lazy to do it right!

I pray that some innocent soul does not fall for this one....


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