How could he be so selfish?

I want to vent. Last week I had to mail the office that I wouldn't make it in that day. Then I had to send a file too so I used my flash drive on my brother's laptop for a few minutes. Later in the evening he came to tell me his laptop was acting pretty wierd- conclusion? There was a virus causing havoc on it. So I told him I'd scan my flash in the office, then ask advice on how to help him out.
I got to the office and I scanned the flash, no issues. Then I double-clicked the drive and viola, my system started shutting down. I panicked and cried out. I called an angel who sent me a link to download a tool that he said would help out. Needless to say I was paralyzed throughout that day- I could not do any work. I got home and still gave him the link. He downloaded the tool but it was not effective.
I went out, got back home and you know what? My darling brother had gone to see a friend I'd introduced him to who's a hardware guru. And guess what? He took the internet connection so I could not browse for another solution.
And guess what? He didn't take my office system which I had to bring home cos I was in trouble because me the virus I picked from his system. No. He took only his laptop. Then he got back and started telling me what a whizkid my friend was.
Then he capped it all by saying he didn't know I wouldn't have minded if he'd taken the system. He then crushed my patience by concluding that it was not his fault I had a virus on my office system.
IMAGINE THAT?! It was not his fault I was in trouble?! I'm sooo mad at him right now! Its like I am dreaming! How could he be so selfish?


that's what siblings are for, right?
Daydah said…
@solomonsydelle: yeah, that is what they are made for. :D