Wedding panic

Its here. The D-Day is here. Well, almost.

By sunday night, I am going to be a married woman. My name will change, everything will change, even my body.

It seemed so far away six months ago. All the shopping, all the mother and daughter fights, everything looks so trivial now.

The cake isnt ready, the gown is ready.

The bridesmaids dresses are alright, the chief bridesmaid's dress has not even been sewn yet.

The flowers for everybody has not arrived yet.

And my hairdresser wants to rob me blind, but its too short a notice to get another.

I cannot remember where I hid the marriage license and I am looking for some of the gift money.

One of my bridesmaids is acting very funny and we are thinking that the service boys from the caterer might not cover the whole event.

Why do I have to fix artificial nails? And must my hairdo be gel? Can't I just set my hair in a curl or wave? The video guy is bugging us for his advance payment, and I still have to pay for the hair pieces for the bridesmaids. Where in God's name did we hide the rings? How am I supposed to pack the clothes I will need separately? Since we young babes cannot sleep in the house, how do we get a hotel to sleep? Why is the honeymoon agent taking so long with her processing? Where will the couple sleep for the night?

I am almost in a panic.

Then I look up, and I see Vicky.

All is well.

We made it this far, and we will make it even farther.

We will defy all those that said we are too young to marry, and the union [after 4 yrs of courtship] is too soon.

We will show them that said they want to see how we will survive, and they give us three weeks before collapse.

We have the ultimate weapon.
We have God on our side.

He smiles at me.
I smile back in return.
Yes, we are going to be alright.


Afam Anigbo said…
Hehe, ur cumplaints sound amusing cumpared to mine... lol.

4 years...? u sure its that long? Time does fly fast eh?

Hmmm am sure ur enjoying ur el wedding la coitus maximus...
just checking in on you, sweets. Happy new year.