A Public Apology

Well, I never thought I would do this, but here I am. I had an 'eureka' moment while watching....wait, let me start from the beginning.
In 2006, I looked forward to graduating with the rest of my class, only to find out the hard way that my name was not on the list of graduands - yeah I found out by checking the late brochure, while sitting in the graduating hall, while my family were waiting to start eating (get the full story here).
Anyway, that was ages ago, And I wont rehash the pain and agony I went through trying to rehash the recent past then, trying to find out what I could have done to the department's results coordinator, my course adviser, favourite lecturer and mentor, Mr. Sawyerr. Needless to say his singular action of excluding me from the list caused me a lot of delay in my life's plan, but - I digress.
While I was watching 'Being Erica', it all came together for me. You know, when you sit/stand somewhere, and something flashes in your mind from the past and then you realize you don't feel how you felt right in the middle of the experience. Well, that's how it was for me. I sat there and watched Erica go to the past (as usual) and then the Doc said something that struck a cord within me - 'a setback is a blessing'.
He said that as humans, we always forget what assets 'pain' and 'struggle' are. When we get to the good spots, we always forget how the bad spots helped us to get there. Every setback is always a blessing because it pushes us to move up and higher.
So, in the spirit of 'Being Erica', I'm going to try to patch up my past.
Dear Mr Sawyerr,
  I'm writing to apologise for all the things I wrote and said about you on and off the internet. I was acting through all the pain your actions caused me back then.
 I want you to know that now that I look back, I should have been thanking you instead. So this is to say Thank You.
Thank You for omitting my name on the graduating list. Thank You for excluding my name from the Batch A NYSC list.
You see, that major setback re-arranged my life. Now that I look back, God had everything planned out. All that I viewed as setbacks along the way were actually God-orchestrated stop-gaps to fill in the spaces in His plan for my life.
Thank You most especially for letting God use you. I am most grateful.