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Hey Everyone!
Yes I know I deserve some spanking for having such a long haitus, and will turn around for it as soon as I finish typing this, I promise [fingers crossed at my back].
I just had to share this great find - I have not seen words of wisdom for Startups and Aspiring Entreprenuers this brief and to the point yet.

Its about Fab.com, and their instant success since starting 130 days ago [yes you read right!]. They presently have 750,000 members and 3 million hits on their site per month [I just added to that list, so make it 3 million and 1]. And most importantly, they have $100,000 sales days - very important to the Nigerian Entrepreneur I am sure!
They share a set of slides for us to learn the major 21 things they have learnt so far, that keeps them growing.
I am sure my Entrepreneur friends and family members will appreciate this.
Please take the time to read through - its just 21 points after all :)
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Muse Origins said…
really? checking them out now

Muse Origins