Kill Corruption, not Subsidy

As I write, a revolution is ongoing in Nigeria. The Youth have finally woken up and realized that they cannot depend on the current 'elders' to secure their future. The youth have finally seen that they cannot just sit on their hands.

But while we are all pointing fingers at the Senators, House of Rep members and the President's cabinet, we need to also look into ourselves.

Are we also not corrupt? Are we clean? Are we sure it is not a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

For those of us that might say, 'I am not corrupt', we need to really do a reality check. Corruption should be eradicated at ALL levels, from the nursery school child to the oldest Nigerian citizen.

Here is a brief checklist - not exhaustive but it should clue you in:

 - If you sell anything [from garri, to marykay, to land, to flash drives], and you make more than 50% profit margin[profit not selling cost o], YOU ARE CORRUPT.

 - If you help someone to get a job, and you expect a percentage of his salary, YOU ARE CORRUPT.

 - If you help someone get a contract and you expect a share of the profit, [without stating your claims before your assistance o!] then YOU ARE CORRUPT. If the share you are demanding is a lion's share of the profit, YOU ARE VERY CORRUPT.

 - If you are in a position to manage service providers [from suppliers of meat in a Bukateria, to service providers to large businesses e.g. oil companies], and you demand that they 'grease your palm' to continue to receive favor, YOU ARE CORRUPT.

 - If you can carry out your contract with 10% of what you demand as price then YOU ARE CORRUPT.

 - If you spend less than 30% of your time doing other things instead of doing the work your employer pays you for, then YOU ARE CORRUPT.

 - If you go around stealing other people's ideas and parading them as your own then YOU ARE CORRUPT.

 - If you collect bribe, or 'thank you' in any form [cash or kind] then YOU ARE CORRUPT.

 - If you are placed in a position of judgment and you do not do your duty without partiality or bias, then, YOU ARE CORRUPT.

 - If you do not pay your employers according to the work they do for you and hours they spend for you then, YOU ARE CORRUPT.

Let's just face it, everyone needs a cleansing in Nigeria.
Kill Corruption not Subsidy - Yes I agree.
But the murder of corruption starts with YOU and I.