Website made from Chocolate

Ever heard of a website made completely from Chocolate? Yes, you read right! Every tiny itsy bitsy details made entirely from chocolate.
And the best part is the pieces are for sale too!
Read about it here


kavinrocky said…
That's a very lovely idea.But I'm pretty sure that's actually not the world's first chocolate website. I've seen this idea on television like years ago. But i know another website just like this , and their products are all about chocolates.Have a great weekend ahead mate :)
Check this website made out of nothing but chocolate :
Daydah said…
@kavinrocky: its awesome that its not a novel idea. I came across the one in my post and was tripped. Theirs is actually a wine company that partnered with a Chocolate company to do the site, as their latest brand was chocolate-flavored wine.
But yours takes the cake! Creativity at its best! Thanks for sharing!