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My first TEDx Event: TEDxYaba 2017

I'm an avid fan of TEDx event videos. It all started when my dad sent me Chimamanda Adichie's 'Danger of a Single Story' TED talk video link. Ever since then, I forage for more videos, especially about technology advancements, and try to grasp where the rest of the world is heading. I can't remember how I got to know, but the minute I found out I would be in Lagos around the time TEDxYaba would hold, I registered to attend.

DIY Joomla! 3 One-Page site

I have always been fascinated by the fluidity one can find with one-page web themes. While common in Wordpress, one-page web templates were not the usual in Joomla!. I put the task of understanding them, and replicating such in Joomla, on my bucketlist last year, but I did not have cause to actually do either until recently when a client asked for it.