People will remember how you made them feel

So I was going through my old stuff, and came across some pictures.
One of them was of me and an old friend. This guy was a medical student when I met him, and he had been introduced to me through a mutual friend.

The picture above was taken in 2004 (yes I used to be that slim and svelte). Goke had come to check on me and we spent a while talking. Finding the picture brought back memories, but not the kind one would expect.
I don't remember what had transpired that day, or what we spoke about. Initially I could not even remember his name. All I remember was how I felt that day. When I saw the picture, the feelings I recalled were that of a friend, someone who had my back. Someone worth reaching out to once again.

So I took a picture of the picture, and posted it on Facebook. Someone help me find my friend, I said. Here is a picture, if you know him please link us up. And before the day ran out, someone reached out to me via message, with his Facebook profile.

The lesson is simple: People may forget what you say, but they will never forget how you made them feel.