Good Samaritan

Are there any more Good Samaritans in this world? Something happened to me today - I got to the office and remembered that I had to buy airtime onto the phone I use to browse. I dropped all, took some money, and practically ran to the store that sells the cards. I got there, placed an order, and then dipped my hands into my pocket, and drew empty. I traced my path back to the office, and noticed some oddities.
There is a phone kiosk on the way to the store, and while I was hurrying past, there were a lot of guys standing by it. When I passed, they hushed up, and I was thinking it was because of my hair do (yeah I had my hair done on Friday, didn't want to enter the new month looking that raggedy). As I retraced my steps, I noticed that they were not there - only seconds later.
Even the guard that I had greeted five seconds earlier had disappeared.

It didn't take all of five seconds, all of it. And the money was gone. Thinking I had left it in my hurry in the office, I went straight there, and turned everywhere I had been to upside down. I didn't find it. No one would look me in the eye as I got more money, and sadly traced my steps to the store. Like they all knew who and how the money disappeared but no one would tell me.
I love my country, but its not a happy kind of love, believe me. Its a patient, "One day it should get better" kind of love...