Karma 2

Guess what? The person in question read my blog (Yes! He found it and read it! Imagine this small world, and that he actually knew it was him. Hmm...The conscience is a powerful thing).
So to clear the air, he took the time to send me some off lines. Let's just say, the air is cleared, but it doesn't mean I'm deleting or editing the first Karma. Its stays kaput!

As for NYSC camp, that is a really hot topic. The stuff that goes on in camp - just three weeks o, hmm.... Its amazing how loose they say people get, having sex everywhere - the matching field, the bush, everywhere! And they do it like there's no tomorrow - even married women. There is even one tale I heard of a married woman answering a call from her husband and asking about the kids while another guy was suckling at her breasts. Imagine that.
Well I wont say much more than that, cos I havent gone to camp yet myself! So, come September, I will definitely try to notice everything (NOT PARTICIPATE O!) so that I can relay the gist to you all accurately!
Long live Nigeria!