There was a Christian program at my host's church, from the first to the seventh of July, and I missed the first day cos I was tired. I attended the second and everything started working out right. Some might say its my faith, others might say its 'pure coincidence', but I have been thanking God.
On the Friday, the week before the program, all I had was two thousand naira in my account. I had money tied up elsewhere - especially in LAgos, but there was no way I could access it from here, so I was broke, and looking lovely (did my hair after two months of no activitiy for the poor thing) but I was praying.
By the middle of the week, I got not one, not two, but three website contracts. By Friday my bank account was really smiling at me, and I was really smiling up at God. I finished the program - it ended on 07/07/2007. And here I am today with two more site jobs gotten yesterday.

I danced and praised God, then I was humbled by it all. It takes the grace of God to move forward. I have been in Abuja since April 30, and been idle, doing mundane office work. Then all of a sudden everything starts falling into place - even the expensive cable I bought for my phone last year that hadn't been working began functioning just like that. My infrared adapter that stopped working after little Cub 'tasted' it, began working again.
I can do naught but praise God...for everything. For life, for success for grace, for love.... everything!
When everything begins to look hopeless, remember that its the devil's hand work to make it look so. It only looks that way - everything is never too bad for God to repair or recall. You can never be too sinful for God to forgive you and use you. Nothing is too difficult for God to do, nothing is impossible for Him. Look up to Him for everything and He will ALWAYS provide for you.
I only pray that everyone can experience the sort of happiness I am feeling now, and more importantly, the feeling of being given a special opportunity to prove myself. May God help me to succeed in Jesus