Its oozing out of the house right now. Its amazing how quickly death can snatch a person away from you, in the blink of an eye. We just lost a very good man, a man who, in four weeks would have become a father, a hardworking individual who struggled through life to reach where he got to - until yesterday.
The man traveled to Ibadan, then stopped over to pick up his very pregnant wife, and maid, to take them home, when he was stopped by police men and asked to step out of the car. He did as he was told, and was shot to death the second he closed the car door. For apparently no reason. Upon reporting to the police, the grief-stricken wife was told that the men that killed her husband were not policemen, but thieves dressed in police clothes. But these men took nothing from them. Nothing at all.
And he still spoke to his boss in the afternoon yesterday, giving him progress report on his duties, and postponing explanation till later in the night. He didn't know he would not see the night fall.

God help Nigeria....


Kafo said…
yeah i heard
o ma se o
may God be with his family

in times like this one asks
not WHY but WHEN
When Father does this end
When does the pain lessen
WHen does life get better
When Father When