Abstract Questions

On the side, I was just thinking, if we were to look back on our lives, if we were to rewind the tape of life to, let's say, last month, would it have unravelled how we planned it?
If we really looked at the plans we made, did everything happen the way we planned?
Did the garbage truck really show up at eight p.m.?
Did we really submit that proposal at the appointed time?
Did we meet the deadline for that project? Did church service finish at exactly noon last Sabbath?

Abstract questions they are but you could come up with yours.
Didn't you spend more than you intended on your last shopping spree?
Did you wait till the last minute before paying you tithe? (Maybe that's why).

There are so many days when you plan to carry out some duties and even create some free time, only to see so many things you planned to do fall under the 'I shall get back to these later' category, when certain things happen. Things like...

Your boss shifting another person's work to your table the second you resume at work because the person fell sick. Suddenly (yeah right).
Then he gives you yesterday as the deadline for submission.

Your car waiting till you had driven up to the middle of third mainland bridge, before deciding to go on strike.
And you are already late to work.

Your mother asking you to call her to remind her of something, only for you to get the job of pacifier again. and you must not rop the phone (God help you if the line cuts. There goes your credit anyway)

Need I go on? We always plan things one way, and then it seems to just fall apart. At the end of the day, your 'To-Do' list is full, and not one of the things you set out to accomplish has been done.
Personally, I think the root of the problem is simple. I have found out that when I don't start the day with God, it almost always falls apart. When I realize that I didn't no matter where I am, I take time out to pray. He created the day, and knows how it will turn out, so I hand it back to Him to steer it.
Simple answer to the Abstract questions.