By Road or Air?

Well, I got a call from a classmate on Monday that I needed to come back to Lagos to sign yet another form for my NYSC (I signed the fifth one the last time I went to Lagos). I am getting tired of the NYSC even before it has begun. But you know that with out the passing out certificate that shows that you participated in the program to serve your mother land, nobody will employ you here in Nigeria (and I think even the UK is asking for it now. People is it true?).
So I have to travel back to Lagos asap, as the boy who told me said the forms will be submitted to the Dean of Student Affairs Office on Friday.
So people, I had to choose one of these three options:
A. Take a N15,000 flight down to Lagos and get there in time to fill the form, and take road transport back to Abuja.

B. Take road transport to Lagos on Wednesday (I need a day at least to get permission, see my current website clients and notify them of my trip). Keep in mind that Road transport takes at least nine (9) hours to Lagos from Abuja. If I get there Wednesday night, Do the signing on Thursday, I could return on Friday and see the client I recently got in Church on Saturday (if I don't break down in between).

C. Tell one of my girlfriends currently in final year (five year course) to go to the department, and collect a copy, fax it to me, I fill it, and fax it back to her, then she puts my pic and submits it. Simple right? Wrong! She will have to scale through the optical lens inspection of the Head of Department's secretary. But its still an option, right?

So, help me people!