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Interview III

I got a buzz on my gmail by a classmate of mine that there was a vacancy I could fill. He wanted to know if I was interested. So I spread the word among all the other classmates we had, in case anyone else fitted the bill (the guy said there was a vacancy for 5 people). On Thursday I edited my CV, suited up, and went to Ikoyi for the interview.
It turned out to be more fun than I thought. I ended up chatting with my interrogator, instead of being in the hot seat. It was fun. The rain held me back and we talked for like 2 hours.

It seems I always end up having informal interviews every time. The man was so into my credentials and was assuring me that I should be expecting him, until I told him that I had not served. NYSC, I do not like the way the man's countenance changed at the mention of your name. He was not happy at all, but said he would talk to the employer, and get back to me if it was favourable. I just nodded my head. What was I to do?
I wonder who ever made NYSC compulsory, and if the person was still alive to hear of the many deaths that take place because of the program. I hope he is alive to hear about the way practically everyone rigs their posting to where ever they like.


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What is this wahala now? Why must such a tiny state in Nigeria cause so much wahala? It is not even in the center, it is not even an original state but a cut out of another. I really dont understand why every newspaper feels they must print something about Ekiti on the front page every single day. And this has been the case since it was created. The latest sensation is the election rerun that even our busy President had to take time to go and see. I mean, you would think with all the monitoring eyes, everything would run smoothly but no, another twist in the saga has been announced.
The outside world thinks we should be ashamed of ourselves. I a just praying that it does not get bloody, and that Ekiti will stop trying to keep attention all the time.

Am not dissing Ekiti o[that was for Vicky who will soon be my husband, so he'll not quote me after the wedding - he's from Ekiti :D]. Am just saying they should behave themselves.

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First my Dad felt I was rushing to get married (Never mind that he'd insisted when I was 17 that by the time I reach my age, I should have given him 2 grandkids for him to spoil). Then my acclaimed alma mater university refused to send my transcripts to the schools I had applied to. As if that was not enough, I had not taken my TEOFL exam which was required to apply.

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