Interview IV

I got called for another interview today. This one caught me unawares. One minute I was dozing in my room, the next I was wondering if I had dreamed the phone call. I even sent a text, explaining that I was not ready for such an impromptu interview, only to be told that it didn't matter if I was informally dressed or that I would appear late. I was to just come 'as I am'.
I went. And for a few minutes, was almost regretting it. The interrogator com begin dey ask me textbook questions.
I no even believe am. I graduated last year - over a year now, for Heaven's sakes. How I go dey remember everything dem teach me, when I cram to pass the finals in the first place?
I just dey laugh. The man was surprised that I was not squirming, Then he began to check out my CV. and eventually was so surprised at what I had done that he began to ask how far away I lived from their office and other stuff.
Then I mentioned NYSC. Yesterday's interviewer's reaction was small compared to Friday's own. He practically shouted, "Why now?". Then he began to promise to shift policies on my behalf.
He will get back to me as soon as possible.

It ended as another informal interview that I enjoyed. I just sighed an went my way. Another job on the "Its a pity you have not done your NYSC" pile.
I am getting sick of it!


Kafo said…
y r u in Lagos
what happened to Aso Rock

hmmmm i'm wondering

so go for your NYSC then
Daydah said…
@kafo, aso rock is still standing. We were summoned to Lagos to get our call up letters. Still nothing so far.... Trying hard not to get too fat while I wait.
disgodkidd said…
looks like we both got scores with NYSC.