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MTN's Top Ten

In a bid to cheer myself up, I sat in front of the TV for the first time since I got home last week. Now its not that I am allergic to watching TV, its just that I do not go out of my way to sit in front of it, when I have my darling Ruben (my Gateway laptop) ALL the time. But I had just lost a friend, and it was Friday night, I had to do something different. Even as I speak, my Mum is scolding me for it.
I put on the TV, and switched it to Nigerian TV for a change. Life is funny, the presenter of Sound City's MTN Top Ten is actually an old friend of mine, Deji Falope, who shot to fame despite the open disdain he was receiving from everyone for his woven hair, and his chosen hobby (modelling and TV presenting) - except me of course. I guess its why he still goes out of his way to greet me anytime he sees me.
Anyway, back to MTN Top Ten, I actually fell for some of the songs on the chart. Generally I must say that our video quality has really improved in Naija, and I think the exposure is also increasing. The video locations could have been anywhere in the world - South Africa, Europe, and the US. And I really couldn't tell the difference between Nas's latest video, and Sasha's 'Adara' (lovely song by the way) in terms of quality, lighting, make-up, production and sound. Here are some of the ones I picked out to purchase later - but you should be able to listen to on (and maybe download/purchase off) the Net:

Adara by Sasha, our Fist lady of Rap in Nigeria. She remains unbeaten as far as I am concerned. She doesn't just rhyme, she makes a lot of sense - and she talks about normal everyday things, in a way that makes you wonder why you don't even speak that way.

Greenland by TY Bello,
a member of Cush (or is it Kush? Abeg helep me o!). Its video reminds me of ....em....this lady that sang "Life" (no vex, the name just dey avoid my conscious memory o). It also reminds me of Erikah Badu, and Common. She's got a lovely, earthy voice. Yes! She reminds me of Desiree!

Chicago by Daddy Showkey
, most definitely the best video he has done since his career began. There are no skeletal-looking guys showing off their double-jointed shoulderblades in this video. I think he shot it outside the country. It will definitely boost his sales abroad.

Rasqie's 'Dapada'
was also nice in terms of the video quality. Notice its no more Raski. He seems to have grown up, and matured mentally as well.He looks more like Usher did some years back in this one. Apart from the fact that the girls were swarming all over him Fifty-Cent style, it was quite ok. A far cry from his earlier songs like, 'Soji'.
I shudder to recall the chorus of that song from the mouths of public secondary school boys - Soji hmm, Soji hmmm. To ba ti d'agbo ko soji. T'oba na gere ko wegbe. Omo t'obari kogbamu (Wake up, Wake up. When you get to the area wake up. If you get turned on look beside you. Any girl you see, grab her and...I leave the rest to your imagination. No wonder teenage rape rate increased the following year).

Of all these songs, Sasha's is the best, but she was not even number one, more like six (I think we should start participating in the voting, cos its the masses that determine what's popular. Remember the young ones that look up to us for fashion and music direction). She makes me proud of Nigeria.
All the time.

For a better breakdown, why don't you visit Sound City or MTN Top Ten.


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