Option C or B?

Well, since no one answered me, I chose option C. It seems the best option anyway, since it would cost me the least - about N200. I tried the one friend in science that I knew would help me out of any trouble - Angel. Angel has been my friend for five years, and she is a true friend to the core. She would cut her hair for me if it was what I needed to go forward. I have been there for her as well, and some people even think we are sisters. Angel went to the Head of Department Secretary's office and met a brick wall. She was told that she could not take the form out of the office, that she had to sign it right there. She now confessed that she was not the one, and was told to tell me to send an authorization email to the department, allowing her to act in my stead. Needless to say that by the time all the protocols are fulfilled, the Secretary would have submitted the forms to the Dean of Student Affairs office and it would be too late.
So I just have to travel down. But I still have to choose between travelling by air, and travelling by road. By air costs fifteen thousand naira courtesy Virgin Nigeria, and by road costs four thousand naira courtesy Cross Country Transport Services. By air takes, at most, one hour. By road takes, at least, nine hours.
What would you do? Bear in mind that the form must be filled before Friday.