Prison Break - in Ibadan!

Prison Break
Imagine my shock when I heard about the prison break in Ibadan.I felt trepidation that somewhere someone had copied all those silly american films - or someone who has been seeing Prison Break decided to try it out. And no wonder at his success - our prisons are so old, i bet its the threat of jazz that keeps those criminals in there. Now the jazz is broken. But it is a wake up call to the Prison Service in Nigeria. A loud one.
But the deaths are pitiful. Forty people dead. Just because their walls were not strong enough.
Just because Nigeria could not maintain its prison system.
God have mercy on us all.
And be sure to find innocent people who might have been 'detained' over flimsy reasons like expired licenses, and wandering in the night, and who couldn't pay the 'free' bail fee.
God have mercy....
Check it out at Newsreel1, Newsreel2, and Newsreel3


Jaycee said…
wow, there's been a prison break in Ibadan??? Yikes...oops!
Daydah said…
@jaycee: yes there has been a prison break in Ibadan. Check out the details by clicking the Newsreels in the original post.
Kafo said…
and here i thought u were talking about the TV show

the deaths
very sad