September 11

I know it has been 6 years but it still has left a painful memory for the whole world. I cannot imagine the hurting families that would have tears in their eyes on that day. I hope we all went out of our way to be nice to people on that fateful day - you can tell me all about it!

I was in my mum's office on that day, and a young girl came to check her results with my Mum. I looked up from my PC when I heard three consecutive zeros. My mum added another one, and I had to look back down. If she failed, what was my business. Eventually Mum went out, and the same girl came back into the office, asking to talk to me.
ME? I wondered. WHY ME?
She said her name was Bunmi, and she needed advice. She had transferred from one department to her present department about two weeks before the last exam (FAULT ONE: How could the department have allowed that? Surely they should have told her that it was not feasible, just two weeks before the exam!). And it turns out most of her courses, because there was no continuous assessment, she was given zero.
I told her to go and wash off the make up on her face instantly, and gave her more tips on how to get through to my Mum's heart. I told her to return and cry and be sober.
She came back and did rather well and I pretended as if I didn't know anything.
Eventually Mum pitied her, and took her under her wings. Now those mysterious zeros are being sorted out.

The girl was praying for me. She said if I hadn't advised her, she would have been at a loss as to what to do.
I am glad I was able to help someone out on that day.