Trip to Lagos

Today was a funny day. I will start from the night before, when I had to sweettalk Vicky into going home, and when I hugged him goobye he didn't want to let go. For a fw minutes after he drove off, several things kept running through my mind. Then I shook myself mentally - of course I was coming back. Of course there couldn't possibly be any accident on the way. God would protect me to and fro in Jesus name. Amen.
Then I worked on the net all night. It's amazing how little you really earn from all this free - to - join paid - to - read eamil schemes. But if I could do it everyday, I know it might be a trickle but the little drops would amount to something later.
So I waited for Vicky to come and drop me off at the bus terminal. He came, and even stayed awhile with me there.
Cross Country is supposedly one of the best transport services but I was thoroughly dissappointed that day. The second bus to Lagos was supposed to leave by 8 a.m., but didn't leave until twenty minutes after nine that morning. Then we all paid five hundred naira extra because we were supposed to take Business Class but there were only Executive Class Buses available. We were on the road before we realized that we had been duped: there was no air conditioning in the bus.
Travelling to Lagos took a whole day: twelve hours to be exact. The delay was caused by several factors, but I was grateful to finally be with my family by ten p.m. that night.

I got to the department the following morning, and finished signing the documents within five minutes. I actually travelled all the way from Abuja for the five minute ceremony. Imagine that. I was so cross. But I had decided to make the most of the situation by keeping myself busy. I was prepared to do all I could here in Lagos while I am here. Going back to communicating over the phone and net with Vicky would be hard adjusting to - like having to drink a quarter of a cup of water when you have tasted a full glass of wine. But we will overcome this one as well. :D


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