Chronicles of NYSC camp - CAMP COMPETITION

Well, there are a number of competitions that each platoon must participate in (as I said before). These include Mr. Macho, Miss NYSC, Cooking Competition, Best Drill Platoon, Volley ball (female), Meditation write up, and Football (Male). I’ll have you know that I didn’t participate in any of the competitions – well, I helped out in the cooking, and cheered my platoon’s volleyball team on (we made it to the finals), but I did not march, and I couldn’t have contested for Miss NYSC (apart from the fact that I’m short, fat and ugly (lol), Lagos Corpers were not allowed to compete just in case they won, and took the crown back to Lagos with them. It didn’t make sense to have two Lagos Miss NYSC, right?)

The fact that Lagos and Abuja NYSC camps was under construction, and some corpers were sent to other camps to do their orientation, put a brief mess on things. Some Lagos corpers were sent to Ede, Osun state (about 600 of us), while some were sent to Ekiti state. So the fact that we were not doing our full service in Osun state put a grain in their eye, and the officials decided that we were not to participate in the major competitions like Mr. Macho, and Miss NYSC.
Anyway, I had fun watching most of the events, though I was sick the night of the Miss NYSC, and Mr. Macho, I heard the gist. The Speaker of the House of Assembly, Mrs. Patricia Etteh (just impeached then) and some of her entourage came for the show. I heard they sprayed the corpers with money, lots and lots of money. I heard that they even participated in the “Devil’s Basket” and that it was a “serious and scandalous” affair.
Anyway, apart from the volleyball competition, in which we reached the finals, my platoon was not particularly known for anything.
I didn’t do anything except gather people’s money (Madam Treasurer) and give out for the projects we had. Smart eh? I got tired after a while – I was sick, could barely walk, and was still expected to come to the field and at least watch.