17 – 10 – 2007

21 – 3 = 18 more days to go.

This is Hell camp. If you ever watched ‘Major Pain’, you’ll understand a part of what we are being put through here. We were out by four again this morning, only that there was zero activity until almost 6 a.m. – imagine that! Back to the field to march (is it march or match?) some more then pick up the surroundings. We were sent to our halls at about 9 a.m. to eat and get dressed. By 10 we were chased to the field to await the Governor’s arrival, the Governor that had not even had his bath by then.

Finally the Deputy Governor showed. By noon we were through with the swearing in. The NYSC anthem has funny lyrics – let me give you some:

Youth obey the clarion call (clarion?)

Let us lift our nation high

Under the sun or in the rain

With dedication and selflessness

Nigeria’s ours

Nigeria we serve.

Now that is just the first stanza. The other three are worse, not worth mentioning at all. It seemed nice at first, and has a nice tone to it, but its “under the sun and in the rain” part that had me worried until I heard the pledge they made us recite – stuffs like

“I’m ready to give the supreme sacrifice” “I shall follow all orders”

What kind of sacrifice? What kind of orders? God is in control o!

We stood in the hot sun for about five hours and the Deputy Governor just took her time, strolling majestically through the ranks. Some people were fainting, some just left the groups altogether. I was so tired and dehydrated. I am so so tired. God help through the rest of this camp (notice the desperation here. I was just praying for everything to finish and this was day two).


xi said…
You mean that thing has more than one stanza? Thank goodness they didnt make us sing the rest abeg....
Daydah said…
@xi: Yes there is more than one stanza o. If you want the rest I could give you.
xi said…
Dont worry, whenever you want to sing it, sing it twice. Once for you and once for me.

Thank you very much. Believe me, you'll be doing your patriotic duty. Twice as much sef.