21 – 10 – 2007

I slept and slept and slept. Ben woke me up with a call, that Kanny had been brought to the camp and he was almost through with arrangements to go home. We three girls practically ran to the clinic to see him. His Mum had picked them up at the General Hospital, brought them to camp, taken them to the hall to get Kanny’s things and the to the clinic to get his exeat. We girls were introduced to his mum and sister as the 3 Ds. I don’t think I had my bath all day. I’m not really sure. Others went to church but I didn’t. I just figured – we have two more Sundays and not one, in this camp. Imagine that. I head the State Coordinator and the Camp Commandant (Military) re at loggerheads and that the soldiers are on strike. Nice, if it means they wont be stressing us like they have been doing all last week. Tomorrow is Monday again *moan*…


xi said…
Heey, my first sunday was so correct, check out hi-tech sleep. I mean, after being woken up everyday at ungodly hours to go stand in the numbing cold, finally we got to sleep without being disturbed.

That was the best part about sundays, being able to sleep without some sadistic soldiers barging into rooms screaming "WAKE UP!", "OUT!", all the while, Lagbaja will be releasing his morning album.

Lagbaja was what we used to call the soldier who was blowing the bugle for us in camp.

There was only one morning I didnt go out for the morning parade (apart from sundays). That day, I felt like sleeping well.

I just packed a lot of sand and poured it beside my bed (roughly towards the head of my bed), to make it seem like the sand was covering vomit.
Then I took out some vitamin b complex, panadol, vitamin c, procold (i went to camp with all of them) and I put these drugs on display on the floor beside my bed.

Then I entered my mosquito net and slept like a baby.

Memories of secondary school boarding-house.