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25 – 10 - 2007

21st October, was the last daily entry I made. Today’s Thursday and I am not on the parade grounds. Why? Because I have malaria, I’m weak, tired and my whole body, including my hair roots, aches. Today there’s another drill competition and I’m praying for platoon 17 not to fail. We practiced this morning and we did rather well. We did so well yesterday that when the Commandant sneaked up on us, he asked if we had imported expatriates with excellent matching skills. I just had to buy Artesunat (Malaria treatment medication). I ate, took the medication and went to sleep in the clinic. I was supposed to participate in a meeting with the Camp Director and other Computer IT professionals again today but I could hardly get up to ease myself, not to talk of walking to the Pavilion to be part of the meeting.

Since Monday I’ve been tired and weak and eating 3 square meals a day. After the second dream about Uncle T, I called him to ask how he was doing. Aunt Bunmi sent me a text and I called her two days later. Everything’s been happening in a blur – like, I lost track of the date and day for 2 dys. I actually thought today was Friday. Ben came back to the camp on Sunday but we haven’t all hung out together since, as if Kanny was the glue that held us together. Tommy has been hanging with us girls since Kanny left. Hmmmm….

There’s this girl he said he met that went all gaga on hi. He said he met her, then she started sending him love texts, then she progressed to love strong (defn: means a situation where love is declared very strongly, and as a do – or – die affair)he was exasperated by the tie he got to camp. She calls about 30 times, sends texts every single hour an always declaring her undying love. Lola and I gave him advice – in summary, we told him to flee. She’s a Port Harcourt gal (no offense meant o), and we all know the gist about most of them. Eventually she actually heard all he’d been trying to tell her – leave me alone! I’m not interested in you!

Anyway, the situation brought Lola and Tommy closer and I silently consented until I got a shocker (you know me – retired matchmaker!). It turns out that Tommy has a girlfriend back home (in Lagos). Her name is Ronnie and now, they are having “issues”. Fine, I knew Lola had a guy out there but my intention (as always) is to just be the network cable that creates new friends all the time. Whatever happens after the initial introduction is their business (well, most of the time – lol!). I also know that Tommy is a very good guy – even my Mum approves of him. I know that he can be relied upon, that is until I heard about Ronnie. The guy’s so secretive – I often describe him as an onion with too many layers – he does not tell you what you never question him about.

This place is fast feeling like Big Brother, what with everybody pairing up and stuff – I cannot wait for it to end! The Military here are so strict, and so tasking! It’s a wonder how they can smile.


xi said…
Yeah yeah, big deal, some of your friends wanted to get it on. Na today?

There's this thing about nysc camp. I think its a combination of the loneliness, being thrust into a strange place and being made to undergo a lot of stress.

The result of this is that it spawns the kind of friendship that builds up from having a common enemy. Much like the bond that exists between prisoners that are freed.

Practically everyone in camp gets emotionally vulnerable, it happens, fact of life. And as such, there are bound to be nysc romances. Another fact of life. In fact, I think they should inculcate it into the nysc anthem sef!

Meanwhile, madam, you never gist us about your own nysc love o.

Oh!, silly me, I forgot that your boyfriend knows about this blog. Thats why you've been writing about going to church and doing IT meetings and being the treasurer, abi?

Hmmm. I see.

So you're giving us the good-girl gist abi? No worry, we go catch you!
Daydah said…
@xi: I am sooooo curious as to who you are, cos you remind me of someone... Anyway, I have been telling the truth so far. No subtractions either. I was sick for two out of three weeks, and by the end, I could barely walk, had typhoid and malaria, and had a very high fever. Not what you would call attractive, right?
No goody goody. Whether he knows or not does not matter. I am being myself here and he understands that.
xi said…
Yeah, yeah, keep on guessing as to who I am. Have you taken my blog-posts to psychological profilers yet? lol

Anyway, so who do you think I am, tell me the last letters of my name and surname....

I'll tell you if you're right.

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