There’s this guy in my platoon I call Dangote. He hardly participates in any of the activities, and is on the phone most of the time. He even walks like a big man, is tall and quite cute, but if he ever claims to be younger than 30, I already know that he’s lying. My platoon has so many interesting people. There’s Naje, the Platoon leader, who’s from Delta state but is a Lagos Corper. He’s of average height, quite stocky and very black. Over the days, his leadership qualities have shown through and I’m happy to a driving force to making him take the position. Then there are so many married women in my platoon, that on the eve of the Welcome party, one Osun state male corper (ibo origins) had to confide in me that the guys in the platoon are thoroughly and extremely disadvantaged, because of this fact.

There’s this babe that has made herself (almost) a nuisance in the platoon. She was elected as the Social Committee Leader but so far working with her has been really tasking. For one, she never listens to anything, just shouts and shouts and shouts. Then, I was told (by her) that she read accounting, and that she has been a treasurer for some organizations (like in her school). She, however acts as if she has no knowledge of the due process of financial matters. She didn’t see the need for a budget for the expenditures planned ahead, for instance. She makes a whole lot of noise, and is always shouting and shouting. Her manner of approach is nothing to write home about.


disgodkidd said… tales of nysc...someone pls tell me why this is compulsory?
xi said…
disgodkidd, I disagree with you oh, I think the nysc CAMP totally rocks (as daydah will say, note the emphasis).

The part that totally sucks is the one year of dulling. That one na run-down, official dulling.

So, in my opinion, the camp is fun, I think it should even be extended sef (did you know that once upon a time, the camp was 6 weeks?)

I think the camp part is fun, as per meeting with ppl crawling out of different naija woodwork. But the one year should be abolished!