Come Home

Sorry, had to vent somewhere...
Come Home
"I am tired of all your lies," she said."I am tired of all your pretending, of what you have turned me into. I am tired of all the acting like everything is okay."
"What are you saying," he asks.
"I am saying that I have spent the last 25 yrs loving you, serving you, and being your wife. But I cannot continue to live the lie of the last five years. I cannot go on pretending that I know you anymore."
"Are you saying its over?" he asked.
"No, its not my place to say that. Its your decision." she replied.
"Okay," he said calmly. "Bye."
"Bye," she said, and dropped the phone in its cradle.
Look back, think to the beginning, when they started off with nothing. In the beginning, when all they had was each other, when it was struggle and struggle. Look back to the middle, all the hard times, when they had to do without, when she lost the pregnancies, when the extra ordinary children lived, through the children's growing up, how they suffered to train them rightly, to make ends meet.
Now just when things are beginning to look rosier, when the comfort just settled in, when the children are not children anymore, things are getting muddled up. His perspective seems warped now. She seems like a lost soul without him. He is too distant, resentful that he has to strive to make it in a strange man's land, alone. He forgets that it was his decision, and she stood by him. Even when it seemed to be the wrong one, she stood by him.
But she has felt the beating of the harsh wind of time for too long.She cannot take it anymore.
Rising from the seat, she sighs, and moves to the couch. She has emptied her mind. The burden has been lifted. She slept off, the first time in three days.
He's thoughtful, pondering all that has been said. If only someone would tell him


Jaycee said…

Couldn't even pause from the beginning to the end. *sigh*
disgodkidd said…
i want to talk to you. can you leave me your no?
xi said…
Aight baby, so I'm going to refer you to the home-video industry head office at 51, iweka road,

Seriously sha, that was ok. Read it over like twice. Its a familiar theme to me. Kind of. (before you start thinking anything and start extrapolating to find out who I am...)

Thumbs up baby!

Vicky or whatever your real name is, when I said thumbs up baby just now, I meant that 'baby' in a strictly christian way o. Before you send virus to my account. lol.