I look out the car window and smile...Why am I thankful? I have just begun, really, but maybe....It is the end of something, and the beginning of another...I have just ended orientation camp, and have in fact come back loaded...with Malaria, Typhoid, Chesty cough and Catarrh. I am in the process of serving my country, for a year. And to make things more beautiful, I was posted to teach.
But I am thankful.....
I am thankful. Some people are serving their country at the war front. Some are serving their country by helping out at the tsunami relief spots. Some don't even have a country to serve, and are refugees who do not know if they would see the next meal.
I am thankful. I have two eyes, two ears, two legs, two arms, ten fingers, ten toes, one nose, and one mouth. My mind is full of memories..... My life has been enriched with so many new friendships, so many experiences.
I am thankful. I can still smile, nobody died in my absence, there was no coup to take over the government, and the country is still one.
I am thankful. Even though I am weak and running a high fever, there is a home to return to, a family that loves me, and money to spend.
Even though I might just be earning the equivalent of a primary school kid's lunch money for the next year, I can still be thankful that I wont have to stretch it for rent, for feeding and for maintenance.
I am thankful for all the gifts that I am opportuned to be blessed with this year.
I am thankful.
I am thankful because I know that very soon, I'll look back at every experience, every situation....and look out the car window and smile ...again....