NYSC - Camp

I actually thought I notified the authorities here that I was going to Orientation camp, but reading through now I see that I didn't. I wonder what my punishment will be.
I did as promised. I wrote everything that happened to me and several others at camp. And I am prepared to pour it all out. It was a bit awkward at first, having to write instead of type. I have some 13 pages to type for y'all, so be patient.

I got back on Monday, and it was a relief that I was finally home. I could not breathe properly due to severe catarrh, I was coughing from deep within my chest, my headache was now a normal occurrence, the gums on the right hand side of my jaw were swollen, and my body was extremely weak, but I was home. I was in my father's house, finally. Today's Wednesday, and I am finally able to chew, but I thank God.
I'll be back.........Soon.


Kafo said…
u this child
na wa for u ooo

be quick
and come back
disgodkidd said…
so u made camp? they sent me off to taraba...i told them to stick it...
xi said…
I guess the internet is a small place o, I just stumbled across your blog.... Oya do quick and update us as per your nysc. sha dont make it too long, so we blog-faithfuls dont sleep off. You could break it down into 3 parts (a part per week) Yeah, I'll send you my bill for consultation as soon as you know who I am...;-)
Daydah said…
Its going to be in bits and pieces, sizable chunks of time that you can swallow gradually.
Starting now!
xi said…
Are you still talking about your blog or you're talking about food.... cos I don dey hung o...!