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I just watched a segment of 'So you think you can dance', and I got teary - eyed. There is this contestant that seemed, well, he sort of had no neck. The great part is that he made it to the final four.

 The greatest part is that the whole crowd was touched by his performance - they were on their feet by the time he finished break - dancing to Christina Aguilera's 'aint no other man'. Even some of the judges were on their feet, and clapping.
One of the judges was so wowwed that he has promised to put the young man in an upcoming movie. I was touched by his performance.

I was touched by his courage to attend the audition.

I was touched by his determination to do something for himself, and not feed off everybody's pity.

I was touched by the crowd's response, a honest and encouraging one.

I was moved by the whole thing - the fact that the youth of America can do, and be, without having to be typecast into the usual jobs - doctor, lawyer, architect, engineer.

I wonder when Nigeria will leave all the pageant craze and move on to better things, better contests. God bless the person that brought carribean dance and salsa to Nigeria.

That is a step forward.

Let's all take a step forward.


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