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Drama Queen

I know, when I paused after reading the topic, I tried to see it from a reader's point of view. I'm sure you'll be thinking along this lines: she's about to talk about some chick that loves to act life out, that loves to be the centre of attention 24/7.

I am glad to tell you that you are wrong!

I am about to lament to YOU about my life!

I need to know
Why everytime I am about to step up to the next level in my life, its never automatic

I need to know
why everytime I am supposed to just go through a particular session or phase, its never like everyone else's

I need to know
why I had to attend 3 primary schools instead of one.

why I was not allowed into secondary school from primary 4 and my brother was rushed through

why I had to attend two secondary schools

why I had to do GCE twice, WAEC once, NECO once, just because I was looking for credit in Chemistry, even though i had As in all the other subjects.

why I had to be given a fake score in the JAMB I needed to use to process admission thru Predegree, and if I hadnt returned for an official result document, I wont have discovered that I had actually scored high enough to enter through JAMB itself.

why I missed my chance to travel to Canada bcos my dad had used the fake JAMB to grade my intellect and decided that I could not cope. When the original was given to me it was too late.

why I have the only father in the world who doesn't want any other person to train his child or pay her fees.

why I had to have missing results - and retake two yr one courses three times b4 the lecturer finally let me go. And only because he was threatened by a prof, who told him to stop giving me 'missing results' instead of my wel - earned grade.

why I had to wait 8 months before going for NYSC bcos my so called mentor decided not to let me know he'd altered my results until it was too late.

why I got posted and rejected twice.

why I worked and didnt get paid for about three months by NYSC.

why NYSC refused to give me my certificate today because of the money THEY owe me!!!!!

I could go on and on, but I wont bore you!


Afam Anigbo said…
In, d words of Kanye west... wat dont kill u can only make u stronger.

Life aint fair. D challenges transform u from a gal / chic / babe to a woman.

Tis better u learn from d frustrations, embrace jah, and move on wit ur head held high. U still got Long ways to go gal.

I'll give u a hint... Working - Marraige - Inlaws - Kids - Parenting possibly pain in d ass kids - Fees. Its an endless struggle for a perfect life.

Once u dont lose focus or strength sha. U'll be ok.

Welcum to d real world babe.

Afam- Exit stage left.
Daydah said…
@Afam: thanks for the speech (glad you realized it was a speech, as you had to exit the stage. But you forgot to bow

I got some more encouragement from my people:
Tinuola: "its cuz ur special and wen u eventually rise above alllllllll d drama and ish,u become even more special and stronger at dat!!!look on d bright side,at least ur life aint borin like"

Denny : "cos u r here 4 a unique and different purpose. so ur challenges ought to be unique too... there's always light at the end of the tunnel cos everything works together for good... Hold on girl and NEVER give up.. cheers."

Thanks....I really needed that
xi said…
You think your life is 'drama-ful'? You never hala. I've got a friend who's life will make yours seem like a home-video.

And like Afam said, you never even start, beta brace yourself baby, life still has a few more curve balls to throw your way. Just maintain your posture, keep your eyes on the ball, then swing away, send it as far away as possible.
Kafo said…
take it easy oooo
Daydah said…
hey guys! Got my certificate - on my birthday! Glad that went well...but they didnt pay me my owed money o! God dey sha
babi said…
do d wrld a fovor babe ryt a book, cos ure 1 hell of a ryta
babi said…
well written.
lyfs probs neva go away, but d fun of it all is dat tym makes dem humorous memris.

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