"Why wont you talk to him?" Bo asked me with frustration written on her face. She didn't couldnt understand. I liked this guy so I could not possibly talk in his presence.
"Ok," Bo said, as we got nearer to his class. "Bring the note and the Milo I'll give him for you, but this is the last time."
But of course it wasn't the last.
"The holidays are here," whispered Bo on the assembly. She had left her JSS 1j line and come to join me in my JSS1c ,ine so we could chat during the assembly.
"I cant wait to go home," I whispered back.
"I'll miss you," she whispered.
"I'll miss you even more." I replied. "My mum is coming to pick me this time."
"Great," replied Bo. "I can meet her finally. Just make sure we see before you go, so I can give you my address."
"I dont know anywhere in Lagos" I replied.
"Don't worry," Bo soothed with her characteristic smile. "I'll add directions. ITs easy."

I'd been feeling really tired for days. I just don't know why. Its one of those moods where I don't care about anything - not my appearance, or my hair, or shoes or anything. I just get up, get dressed and go. Then I get back, drink water and sleep. At times like this I dont even care. I just move from one task to the other.
Lately I've been thinking about Bo. I was talking to a friend of mine, about how little we forget of our youth, how so many memories keep flashing in our minds, and how some things that were so bad when they happened, seem so hilarious when we reflect back on them. Bo's face, and our silly experiences kept being repeated as references to butress my points, so much that my friend had to ask,
"When did you see this Bo person last?"
"Since JSS1" I replied.
"Have you tried searching for her?" she asked.
"Where would I start?" I replied. "Firstly,where do I want to begin? Am I to return to the school we met, and start asking questions? Its impossible."
"But have you tried searching online?" my friend persisted. "You could search Facebook, or use google."
" I cant." I replied in dismay. "I am not even sure of her name. I am sure it was something unique, but i have been calling her Bukky for 13 years now, not because its her name, but because i cannot remember her real name."
"Wow," my friend replied. "She made such an impact on you and you cannot remember her name. I think you should sit down and think about it well. It will come to you."

So here I am trying to check my yahoomail, when i see that I got messages on Facebook. I move on to open Facebook, and read on my wall a message.
"Hi, Daydah, Is this Daydah of GCI long ago?"
My heart skipped a beat. Looking lovely and sexy in a photograph is no other than Bo. My Bo.
I send a tentative reply. That was Thursday last week. Today is Tuesday, and guess what? We just went to the movies together.
She has not changed. Still the same inside, as I remember.And it turns out she'd been thinking of me as well. i met a roommate of hers who had to shout,
"Finally! We get to see this super wonderful Daydah!"

This world is indeed small. If only we had tried harder. We actually went to the same university. And guess what? y own mother is her lecturer, and has been for four years.
This is sooooo funny, because it means we actually were on the same campus, at the same time at one point or the other. And we never knew.

Is there anyone you remember from yur childhood? CAn you remember their names? If so, pls search for them RIGHT NOW! Bo searched for me and found me. Through out today we were holding each other like little kids. For the first time in days I wore a smile, a genuine smile on my face. I feel more complete.

"Over the years, Bo," I said to her over the table, as we eat lunch." Especially when I get lonely. I have often wondered how my life would have been if we had not parted ways. I am sure it would have been much better now."

She stared at me silently for a few seconds (that is a biggie for Bo cos she talks more than me!)

"Do you know i said exactly the same thing last night?" she whispered.

I feel really really good. Bo met the real Daydah.
The very first one,
the one without the walls surrounding her,
the totally innocent one, straight from the beginning, the one that was secure and self - assured,
the one that was confident that the world would have to put up with what she was about to dish it,
the one who was confident about her looks, who took the time to put powder on her face every three hours, who wore lip gloss to class, the one who tried to experiment with shaving eyebrows (and ended up losing everything!).........

the one who was HERSELF.

It didnt matter that I was not related to anybody in school (even though I had the right surname). It didnt matter that I had some terrible habits I needed to drop (no, I am not sharing that!). I was, with her.

I think back to everything we said, and shared today and what struck me again is the way she thought I would be right now. She described a cool, sexy, well-dressed chick, that she would not be able to measure up to in looks and brains and everything. She described who I want to be, deep down inside.

I think I can reach that zenith soon. I have found hope again.
I think its time to change.