The Honda CRV...

I saw something terrible today that I cannot even cry...

I was in a Bus going to Ketu along Gbagada Expressway, and the driver was overtaken by a fine Honda CRV, silver in color. I was not able to see the person driving, but that didn't stop me from lamenting in my mind that I was still not "allowed" to drive my own Toyota which was being warmed up every morning by my mum's driver.

I had barely woken up from my self - pity (*rubbish as it wont make any sense to you, but you can read about it) only to notice that we were only 5 passengers in the bus.

I started pleading the blood of Jesus, and trying hard to blot out all the 'One Chance' stories I had heard from my mind.
We had reached the foot of the bridge, almost at Iyana Oworo bus stop, when I heard several shouts.
The gala and bottled water boys were running helter skelter. I looked back and saw a tanker rushing down the bridge.

It was out of countrol. All the cars in the middle lane swerved towards the right lane and their drivers turned back to watch what would happen next.

The collision took place. Everybody shouted. As the cars in front of us moved forward a bit I got a better view.

I saw the CRV.

I saw what remained of teh CRV. Trapped in between the petrol tanker that slammed into it, and the trailer with a container in front of it.

It was sqaushed like paper. Petrol was gushing out of the tanker, and of the car. The first gala boys that got over their shock and raced to the car raised their hands over their heads in lament.

That was it.

Someone that was driving along jejely, on a Tuesday afternoon, will never get home.

Someone who had reached the stage of earning a living, gotten to the level of owning a car, was never going to see the year 2009.

Someone who had done absolutely nothing wrong, was dead.

The petrol tanker driver could not shout, his passenger came down, but it was futile.

The squashed up paper was what was left of the car I was admiring just seven minutes before.

I could not cry.

I could not shout.

I sat there, and I could not even think.

I was able to comprehend that I had actually wished I was driving my own car right behind that CRV, only seconds before it was hit.
If I had been driving, I would have taken that lane, because it always seems to be the fastest.

And I would have been paper.

I thank my God for everything He has done in my life.
I thank Him for orchestrating my path, and leading me towards His purpose for me, never tiring with all my questions and petulant cries.

I am grateful, so grateful in fact that I wont pout about the car anymore.


Olukayode said…
Worth a shocking story,

Though it's so soo sad, u knw you too should sometimes think that if you were driving, u just might have been the "learner" that'll slow down the 'CRV' driver from the accident that morning.

Let's just pray it God's Purpose that should be fulfilled in our lives ;)
Daydah said…
hmm....I didnt think of it from that angle. Let's add mmore juice...
so the CRV would have been shouting at me, "Get out of my way! Yeye learner!"