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What is this wahala now? Why must such a tiny state in Nigeria cause so much wahala? It is not even in the center, it is not even an original state but a cut out of another. I really dont understand why every newspaper feels they must print something about Ekiti on the front page every single day. And this has been the case since it was created. The latest sensation is the election rerun that even our busy President had to take time to go and see. I mean, you would think with all the monitoring eyes, everything would run smoothly but no, another twist in the saga has been announced.
The outside world thinks we should be ashamed of ourselves. I a just praying that it does not get bloody, and that Ekiti will stop trying to keep attention all the time.

Am not dissing Ekiti o[that was for Vicky who will soon be my husband, so he'll not quote me after the wedding - he's from Ekiti :D]. Am just saying they should behave themselves.

Worse than this? Nope

As I reply the last person to leave me in the office and wave goodbye I glance at the windows. It'd gotten dark and I knew it must be the clouds I'd seen earlier. The next time I look at the clock on my pc screen its a few minutes past six. I'd just read my pal kafo's latest blog post and I smiled sadly because I understood her pain. I was right where she was at the moment.
Then I heard the heavy downpour outside. There was no way I was leaving the premises in the rain. While I waited for it to subside I took my time to think up an apt comment and wrote it. At the dot of seven I was outside the office gates with a shower cap on my hair. I waste ten more minutes in the light showers before heading to New Garage where I find an almost filled bus heading in my direction. After me there were only three passengers left. I removed my shower cap and stared out into the rain. It was getting worse by the minute. I waited expectantly for what I knew would come next: dripping.


To supplement or not to supplement?

Ok, its day 9, and I must confess I broke the rules a little. Rather than not eat fruits I chose not to eat at all. I didn't feel hunger pangs and I must say Vicky had to insist we go eat when he heard I had not eaten for over 10 hrs.I travelled for the easter break - went for Vicky's elder brother's wedding. I had to go a day earlier so I could participate in the preparations. This time we were on the husband's side of the wedding so we really didn't have much to do, but the little we did was a lot.I learnt to use my creative imagination again - did a lot of ribbon design and frills and twirls and stuff. We had to make the wedding Bible and the Wedding letter (Those of us that are Yoruba, know these things) frilly and nice-looking. We also had to tie ribbons on every other item - yam tubers, packs of 6-pack can drinks (up to 20 of that), and even a packet of sugar. At one point I asked if there was a goat on the list - at least something would wear the ribbons pro…


Hmm...I weighed 71kg on sunday,            65kg on tuesday,                                    622 on wednesday,hmm....Can't wait to climb the scales tonight! And all on pineapple and oranges!Life is good!Probably by this time next week, I'd be back to 58kg!Wish me luck!

Fruit Diet

Sunday afternoon
I finally decided that I am going to begin a fruit diet. Nothing else but fruits - pineapple, apple, oranges, pawpaw, you name it. ONLY. No rice, no ofada stew, no mouthwatering vegetable stew with delightful pieces of ponmo, stock fish, periwinkle and crayfish in it. No ewa gayin (pronounce as spelt), no fried rice, no jollof rice, nothing else.
I climbed the scales - I weigh 71kg (or is it pounds? Will hav to take a closer look next time)

Monday Evening
It was tiring but I did it. I ignored all the tempting smells around me and focused on the tiny purple grapes I'd bought for lunch. Oh...did I forget to mention that my first meal will be at 3 pm as well? I will take nothing before 3 - not even water.

Tuesday Evening
I am soo tired. And weak. I weighed myself. No it cannot be possible - I just had a dinner of pineapple chips and an orange. I lost 6 kg? 6? Its not possible! But this is just d second day!
Wow.....but it still does not compensate for the pain I had to endu…


Well, tis been a while and I know am at fault, but programming is really taking my time these days. Its as if I must share myself among it all - programming, social life, hubby-to-be, exercise and family (not in that order o!). I am striving to find a balance.
Well, what has been going on? A lot, I tell you. I chatted and spoke with my best friend mentyola, a few days ago, and I can tell you that distance has not spoilt anything in between us. It is hard to find a friend who just loves you the way you are - and wants you to be a better person. If you find that in a person hold on tight!

Needless to say I have gained weight again (my cousin will kill me when she reads this!). Yes, my tummy is bulging again, and am without makeup most days and I don't really care about how I dress - again. I guess its back to 'almost depressed' zone. I have been burying myself in work, but so far its not really helping. Several factors are weighing me down - thanks to my marvelous former schoo…