Fruit Diet

Sunday afternoon
I finally decided that I am going to begin a fruit diet. Nothing else but fruits - pineapple, apple, oranges, pawpaw, you name it. ONLY. No rice, no ofada stew, no mouthwatering vegetable stew with delightful pieces of ponmo, stock fish, periwinkle and crayfish in it. No ewa gayin (pronounce as spelt), no fried rice, no jollof rice, nothing else.
I climbed the scales - I weigh 71kg (or is it pounds? Will hav to take a closer look next time)

Monday Evening
It was tiring but I did it. I ignored all the tempting smells around me and focused on the tiny purple grapes I'd bought for lunch. Oh...did I forget to mention that my first meal will be at 3 pm as well? I will take nothing before 3 - not even water.

Tuesday Evening
I am soo tired. And weak. I weighed myself. No it cannot be possible - I just had a dinner of pineapple chips and an orange. I lost 6 kg? 6? Its not possible! But this is just d second day!
Wow.....but it still does not compensate for the pain I had to endure while watching my brother consume Semovita and some delicious smelling draw soup with pieces of 'stuff' that he kept chewing noisily in it.

Wednesday morning
What do I wear to work? Er...I havent ironed a sshirt and as usual there is no electricity. I pick up a shirt I tried on on Sunday and had shaken my head at the tightness (which meant until I lose weight I cannot touch it), and then I tried it...and spent almost an hour preening in front of the mirror as I tried others.
My waist was down, my belly was down! I can wear these wonders! But three days ago I could not!

It got me wondering...maybe I did have an issue with protein and carbohydrates.....hmmm...

But I still miss amala to gbona feli feli with ewedu and gbegiri soup. I don't think I can survive without eba and ogbono soup. I think I will die if I can't have pounded yam and egusi soup or even moimoi or akara gbigbona...or peppersoup...or isi mouth is salivating again...hve to stop...
Will keep you posted

Meanwhile I began following solomonsydelle on Twitter and she's also an indian food fan. I asked her for some recipes and she said she'll help out so I will keep you posted on that one....Indian food is supposed to be well - rounded and balanced, plus I dont have to live my life without ata rodo because i want to stay slim....will keep you all posted on that as well....

Ahhh...pepper soup, kai...I gotta go bury my mind in work again!