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Hmm...I weighed 71kg on sunday,

            65kg on tuesday,

                                    622 on wednesday,

hmm....Can't wait to climb the scales tonight! And all on pineapple and oranges!

Life is good!

Probably by this time next week, I'd be back to 58kg!

Wish me luck!


Kafo said…
stop binge dieting
cuz u can't last on pineapples forever

get exercising instead
and eat healthy
Daydah said…
@kafo: is that what is called binge dieting? I thot that included regurgitating what u eat. I no I can't that is why i am goin to explore indian cuisine (minus the curry if possible) next. Right now I want to reduce to a certain size then exercise to maintain that size. :D
Define eating healthy in Nigeria, sweets! Not possible!
It is interesting to follow your journey. But, I worry that you are not getting enough of the nutrients that your body needs to function nor the calories you definitely need to remain healthy, my sista.

Are you taking a multivitamin and a Calcium supplement?

There are nutrients you need that you can't get from fruits alone and not eating or drinking water until 3am, could cause your blood sugars to go haywire and set you up for some trouble.

Anyway, given the weight you have lost - more nutritionists will tell you that losing 6kg in a gay in not safe- it is probably time to get at least protein. Eat some beans (cooked with as little palm oil as possible. Throw some fresh fish or meat in the oven and bake it. Add some vegetables - brocolli, carrots, whatever you have.

I know I am going on and on, but I'm just a tad bit worried that you will simply put a lot of your weight back on because your body would have been starved of certain nutrients and you will end up eating a whole bunch of stuff to make up for the deprivation.

Anyway, will keep paying attention to your journey. Did you get my last twitter mesage about chicken biryani? It is cooked with rice though, so if you are cutting carbs, it might not be a good addition to your diet.

Anyway, take care!

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