Worse than this? Nope

As I reply the last person to leave me in the office and wave goodbye I glance at the windows. It'd gotten dark and I knew it must be the clouds I'd seen earlier. The next time I look at the clock on my pc screen its a few minutes past six. I'd just read my pal kafo's latest blog post and I smiled sadly because I understood her pain. I was right where she was at the moment.
Then I heard the heavy downpour outside. There was no way I was leaving the premises in the rain. While I waited for it to subside I took my time to think up an apt comment and wrote it. At the dot of seven I was outside the office gates with a shower cap on my hair. I waste ten more minutes in the light showers before heading to New Garage where I find an almost filled bus heading in my direction. After me there were only three passengers left. I removed my shower cap and stared out into the rain. It was getting worse by the minute. I waited expectantly for what I knew would come next: dripping.

You see, New Garage buses are known for several things which include the following-
1. Old, rickety and dirty buses that couldn't possibly have scaled through Lagos state's supposedly functioning MOT vehicle checks.

2. Then the buses are so unique, that when they commence on the journey, you can look down and see the ground, you can look up and see the skies as well.

3. The noise they make makes an atheist pray for safe arrival. Its always a big task praying everytime I have to go home by that route but this was the first time I was taking it in the rain.

By the time the conductor finished collecting his fare from everyone I had found just the right spot to lean towards to escape the relentless droplets and not inconvenience my seat mates as well. Keeping that position was no easy task. I could not occupy my mind with other things. Then the bus broke down after leaving the garage. At that point I burst out laughing.
There I was, sitting in a bus that I was scared would fall apart any minute, leaking rain on me and broken down in the middle of a busy bridge. It was funny because I had been sad and depressed about my life that morning and it got extremely worse after reading Kafo's recent post. Then now this. What could possibly make my life worse than this?

Two Days Later
Today I heard about another accident on my route home. The same spot I had watched an accident take place months ago. This time it was six unsuspecting cars, and not one. And from what I was told, no survivors. Days ago I was melancholy, and thinking what could make my life worse than it is? Well, I take that thought back because my soul is filled with Thanksgiving at the moment. I should always be glad to be alive even if that is all I can thank God for.
You should too....