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"Why are you so uptight?" she asks him, sitting opposite him to better view his face."I'm not uptight," he replies, but keeps looking at everything else but her.
"I came here to talk to you, to see you and to ask you a few questions," she continues bravely, unable to hide the sadness at what he had become - a silhouette of himself.
Taking his silence as an indication to continue, she asks, "Why are you irritated with me? What could I have possibly done wrong that I did right the last 20 yrs? I've been taking care of your assets, your children, your family, for the last 5 yrs. I've been standing up for you, defending you, and covering up for you all this while. What did I do wrong?"

He sighs. He shakes his head. "People told me I was a fool to leave all my life's work in your hands, that you would go away with it in the end.
They were right because now you are talking of leaving me, when all I ever wanted was to make life better …

Trip Home

Well, firstly, MERRY CHRISTMAS IN ARREARS!There, I know its late but better late than never, you know.I went to my mother's hometown, to attend my mum's cousin's housewarming party. They are wealthy, and I don't even mean Nigerian wealthy. I mean really wealthy but not filthy rich yet (the husband's 50th birthday party was aired all through Nigeria). So, they just finished their second house in their hometown, after building two mansions in Lagos. Its tastefully furnished and well - planned, something we have all come to expect from them. Now my cousins are really exotic - the girl barely stayed in Nigeria to finish her university education - she left in yr 2, went to London and made her mark, did her masters, and is now working for a reputable oil and gas company in ireland. She's got twin brothers, who are so similar and dissimilar at the same time. One schooled and now works in the US, while the other stayed home for his education, did [horrible] NYSC, and t…

Seasons Greetings

I have been wondering at the sluggishness in the arrival of my xmas and New year packages, so I want to announce that I have extended the deadline for the submission is now 3rd January 2008! Hurry!


First of all, Happy New Month Everybody! I have been absent because I have been searching for a job. But I missed blogging so I ran back.

I just finished watching Will Smith's "The Pursuit of Happyness" and I cried and cried, at the frustrastion illustrated there, then I cried tears of joy when he was given a ray of light in the midst of the darkness.

I cried at his bravery in facing all the terrible things that happened to him head on.

I cried when he had to lock him and his son up in a train station's toilet so the boy could sleep at night.

I cried when he could not sleep.

I cried when he beat the odds.

Chris Gardner is one brave guy. Its a true story so I know he's out there somewhere. And I am grateful to him for telling his own story.

No one would see him now in 2007 and think he had to fight to stay in line in a homeless shelter so he could get a decent bed for his son at night.

No one would see his success and believe that he ever made an investment mistake by buy…

NYSC - national delay or service? Answer

I decided that the answer to that question is national service some weeks ago. Now I have changed my mind. It is National delay.
After posting us (four corpers) for three weeks [an old secretary tells us to 'come back' with four working days interval, each time] the Railway Technical School, under the auspices of The Railway Corporation, Nigeria, decided that they did not need us.
So, I have been rejected from my place of primary assignment.
Just when I had decided that I could try my hand at teaching (six footers with baritone voices), and take some certification exams as well, I am told that the Nigerian Railway Corporation cannot afford to pay four corpers five thousand naira, and so we have been rejected.

Nigeria we serve!
Now I am looking for a job - seriously searching for a job. I am thankful

Come Home

Sorry, had to vent somewhere...
Come Home
"I am tired of all your lies," she said."I am tired of all your pretending, of what you have turned me into. I am tired of all the acting like everything is okay."
"What are you saying," he asks.
"I am saying that I have spent the last 25 yrs loving you, serving you, and being your wife. But I cannot continue to live the lie of the last five years. I cannot go on pretending that I know you anymore."
"Are you saying its over?" he asked.
"No, its not my place to say that. Its your decision." she replied.
"Okay," he said calmly. "Bye."
"Bye," she said, and dropped the phone in its cradle.
Look back, think to the beginning, when they started off with nothing. In the beginning, when all they had was each other, when it was struggle and struggle. Look back to the middle, all the hard times, when they had to do without, when she lost the pregnancies, when the extra ordin…


I look out the car window and smile...Why am I thankful? I have just begun, really, but maybe....It is the end of something, and the beginning of another...I have just ended orientation camp, and have in fact come back loaded...with Malaria, Typhoid, Chesty cough and Catarrh. I am in the process of serving my country, for a year. And to make things more beautiful, I was posted to teach.
But I am thankful.....
I am thankful. Some people are serving their country at the war front. Some are serving their country by helping out at the tsunami relief spots. Some don't even have a country to serve, and are refugees who do not know if they would see the next meal.
I am thankful. I have two eyes, two ears, two legs, two arms, ten fingers, ten toes, one nose, and one mouth. My mind is full of memories..... My life has been enriched with so many new friendships, so many experiences.
I am thankful. I can still smile, nobody died in my absence, there was no coup to take over the government, a…


I know this is a bit old here but, I had to do it!

3 things that scare me - not being successful, getting fat, and not making heaven.

3 people that make me laugh - Vicky, my father, and Olumide Lawyer.

3 things I love - God, reading, and writing.

3 things I hate - snobs, pride, and malice.

3 things I don't understand - life, women, and cars.

3 things on my desk - JAVA tutorials, Mobile Computing tutorials, and 3 Unfinished novels.

3 things I'm doing right now - writing, listening to music, and cooking.

3 things I want to do before I die - Birth and raise identical twins, write 50 bestsellers, create a multi - million dollar exciting JAVA game for Nokia phones.

3 things I can do - create websites, make bead accessories (from jewelry to baby teether to bags) and write.

3 things you should listen to - God, Pastor Sam Adeyemi (Daystar Christian Centre - google it. They even have life broadcasts), and Positive thinking tapes.

3 things you should never listen to - gossip, negative remarks, and…


I just watched a segment of 'So you think you can dance', and I got teary - eyed. There is this contestant that seemed, well, he sort of had no neck. The great part is that he made it to the final four.

 The greatest part is that the whole crowd was touched by his performance - they were on their feet by the time he finished break - dancing to Christina Aguilera's 'aint no other man'. Even some of the judges were on their feet, and clapping.
One of the judges was so wowwed that he has promised to put the young man in an upcoming movie. I was touched by his performance.

I was touched by his courage to attend the audition.

I was touched by his determination to do something for himself, and not feed off everybody's pity.

I was touched by the crowd's response, a honest and encouraging one.

I was moved by the whole thing - the fact that the youth of America can do, and be, without having to be typecast into the usual jobs - doctor, lawyer, architect, engineer.


Chronicles of NYSC camp - CONCLUSION

Life is funny. Life is fun. But, most importantly, life is what you make of it. At the end of camp I was really ill – high fever, chesty cough, blocked nose, and after blood tests, malaria and typhoid. At the end of camp, my life was enriched. I had made many, many friends, and had memorable experiences. I remember platoon members who were married women, all trying to be young again. I remember roommates who were so much fun to be with – I don’t think anyone had to leave the room for entertainment at any time of day. There was even a pajama party held in honor of a corper that was traveling for her wedding in the second week. They are all so endearing, when I was really sick, I would always meet my bucket full of water, someone would carry out my water for me to bath, and someone would wake me up gently in the night to change to my PJs. Someone would answer the soldier that came to chase us out that I was ill and I should not be disturbed. Someone would help me collect my food from th…

Chronicles of NYSC camp - Hostel Area

This is the girls hostel area. You can see us in white white, and I was on my way back from the Dining area, after collecting jollof rice and chicken.

Chronicles of NYSC camp - CAMP LIST

Now everyone except me knew about the marching, and everyone except me was prepared for the terrible conditions of the toilets, so I think a proper list of things to take to cam is in order.
Sun screen: fine, you may think you don’t need it, but male or female, you really do. Even if you are black, even if you are posted to a cold area, the sun will always be there. The sun shines harder in cold areas, and flat lands. You need it to protect your skin complexion as well as to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. BUY any lotion that has sunscreen as one of its properties. I left home with ordinary cream, with a fair complexion. I came back, black, with only one part of my body testifying of my former skin hue – the part that my bra covers everyday. The sun penetrates the white shirt (we call it tissue paper cos it tears like tissue during the first wash) and shorts that the officials give you.
Pillow: they will never give you one, so if you know you cannot live without it then take yo…

Chronicles of NYSC camp - CAMP ROMANCE

Well, I didn’t go to camp to get hitched, as I already am, so I was out to make some friends, and hopefully tie some people together (Miss Cupid, as always). I made some new friends, and moved with the old. A particular guy felt that the fact that I “claimed” to be engaged, did not deter him from making his advances. I even went as far as facing him outrightly and telling him that there was no way I could consider him as a date: he’s NOT my type (notice the emphasis). He was not listening to me though. There was this scene at the kitchen that I didn’t find funny. Okay, the Camp Director had requested for a financial report of each platoon’s expenditure so far, and a budget of the future expenses. I prepared the report, and told him to tell the committee heads to prepare their budgets so the final one would be a compilation of all the others. But he wanted me to do everything – I put my foot down. I refused, then our platoon was helping out in the kitchen and he starts saying stuff lik…

Chronicles of NYSC camp - CAMP COMPETITION

Well, there are a number of competitions that each platoon must participate in (as I said before). These include Mr. Macho, Miss NYSC, Cooking Competition, Best Drill Platoon, Volley ball (female), Meditation write up, and Football (Male). I’ll have you know that I didn’t participate in any of the competitions – well, I helped out in the cooking, and cheered my platoon’s volleyball team on (we made it to the finals), but I did not march, and I couldn’t have contested for Miss NYSC (apart from the fact that I’m short, fat and ugly (lol), Lagos Corpers were not allowed to compete just in case they won, and took the crown back to Lagos with them. It didn’t make sense to have two Lagos Miss NYSC, right?)

The fact that Lagos and Abuja NYSC camps was under construction, and some corpers were sent to other camps to do their orientation, put a brief mess on things. Some Lagos corpers were sent to Ede, Osun state (about 600 of us), while some were sent to Ekiti state. So the fact that we were n…

Chronicles of NYSC camp - POLKADOT PANTIES

I was so weak today. Everyone’s fingers were ice – cold, like ice chips touching my hands every time I shake them. Mr. Ibrahim (who asked me formally for a dance last Saturday) began singing “You are my sunshine” to me during the morning drill. It was comical to everyone but they were not the ones feeling his icy fingers as he grabbed my arm each time he caught up with me. I couldn’t jog. I could barely walk. I have almost finished my Artesunat. I saw Uncle Wasiu and he promised to get me an exemption letter (defn: a little form that exempts a corper from all the activities). Wouldn’t it be a relief to be left alone to sleep and rest!
Eventually I was left alone. Everyone could even see it in my face that I wasn’t strong, plus my voice cracked so it was very clear that I could not participate. After the morning jogging, we were released to go an eat breakfast, and it was all I could do to crawl to my room, with the aid of my friends, Lola and Hippy. I got to my room, removed my white …


There’s this guy in my platoon I call Dangote. He hardly participates in any of the activities, and is on the phone most of the time. He even walks like a big man, is tall and quite cute, but if he ever claims to be younger than 30, I already know that he’s lying. My platoon has so many interesting people. There’s Naje, the Platoon leader, who’s from Delta state but is a Lagos Corper. He’s of average height, quite stocky and very black. Over the days, his leadership qualities have shown through and I’m happy toa driving force to making him take the position. Then there are so many married women in my platoon, that on the eve of the Welcome party, one Osun state male corper (ibo origins) had to confide in me that the guys in the platoon are thoroughly and extremely disadvantaged, because of this fact. There’s this babe that has made herself (almost) a nuisance in the platoon. She was elected as the Social Committee Leader but so far working with her has been really tasking. For one, sh…


Almost all the guys from the North have thin skinny legs. It’s a marvel how the sticks support their weight. Well, maybe not. They are usually skinny all round (oxymoron – lol). And their accent is so cute! Like “Egskuz me Madam. Vhat are ve haping por lanch?” One guy was so excited to be eating fufu, that he collected extra. When he tasted it he shouted, “I no like pupu!” There’s one guy in my platoon who’s tall, dark, lanky and handsome, from Borno state. The same lovely accent. His bride has already been chosen for him, he saw her for the first time just before he came to camp, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to have “fun” while in camp. Guys are so…….


25 – 10 - 200721st October, was the last daily entry I made. Today’s Thursday and I am not on the parade grounds. Why? Because I have malaria, I’m weak, tired and my whole body, including my hair roots, aches. Today there’s another drill competition and I’m praying for platoon 17 not to fail. We practiced this morning and we did rather well. We did so well yesterday that when the Commandant sneaked up on us, he asked if we had imported expatriates with excellent matching skills. I just had to buy Artesunat (Malaria treatment medication). I ate, took the medication and went to sleep in the clinic. I was supposed to participate in a meeting with the Camp Director and other Computer IT professionals again today but I could hardly get up to ease myself, not to talk of walking to the Pavilion to be part of the meeting.Since Monday I’ve been tired and weak and eating 3 square meals a day. After the second dream about Uncle T, I called him to ask how he was doing. Aunt Bunmi sent me a text a…


21 – 10 – 2007I slept and slept and slept. Ben woke me up with a call, that Kanny had been brought to the camp and he was almost through with arrangements to go home. We three girls practically ran to the clinic to see him. His Mum had picked them up at the GeneralHospital, brought them to camp, taken them to the hall to get Kanny’s things and the to the clinic to get his exeat. We girls were introduced to his mum and sister as the 3 Ds. I don’t think I had my bath all day. I’m not really sure. Others went to church but I didn’t. I just figured – we have two more Sundays and not one, in this camp. Imagine that. I head the State Coordinator and the CampCommandant (Military) re at loggerheads and that the soldiers are on strike. Nice, if it means they wont be stressing us like they have been doing all last week. Tomorrow is Monday again *moan*…


The Commandant made people cry in the afternoon, and made people extremely angry in the night that day. At the welcome party, he refused to follow normal procedures. He made sure that the party was very dry. There was no welcome address, the MC was a joke, the DJ tried, but he was not coordinated. The jokes were very very dry. Imagine Warri jokes not making people laugh. The Commandant ordered each platoon to send a girl to dance with him, which means 18 girls from 18 platoons were to show up. When the MC got tired of calling and no one answering, he called out 18 girls. We all watched in disgust as the pot – bellied old man danced to P – Square’s “Temptation”, with the 18 girls rubbing his body. Eventually he got tired and left the stage. At least I can say I danced before the program commenced, with Alcatraz (there was a brief period of dancing before the program started officially). Earlier, after the evening drills, one Hausa guy came to ask for a dance – as in, formally. He was l…


20 – 10 – 200721 – 6 = 15 more days to go.Sabbath Day.Platoon 17 assembled like all others, for drills this morning, but we were not happy. We jogged out of camp as usual, but in the other direction this time. A diesel tanker was inching along by our small clusters of platoons, on our way back, when the soldiers stopped him, an almost flogged him to death. It was a serious case of brutality. It brought back to my mind, a question I have been asking, “Who incorporated the Military Training into the NYSC programme? Why? Why weren’t other disciplinary organizations utilized, like Man – O – War?” Hopefully these questions will be answered someday.After the jogging was drills, after drills was breakfast and after breakfast was environmental sanitation. I was standing in the sun like the others, when I got a mysterious phone call. “Come to the State Director’s Lodge immediately”. I ran, really scared, towards the general direction of where the signs said it was located. When I got there, I …


I actually left the “alawi” queue to go and collect my lunch when I heard that it was gbegiri, ewedu and amala that we were having. I have not had gbegiri since…. I can remember. It was worth it – I enjoyed the meal. On the food queue I met a guy from Jos who had never tasted gbegiri since he was born an was curious as to its preparation and the whole combination. The lady from Plateau in front of him and I (behind him) took it upon ourselves to describe the preparation of ewedu and gbegiri. You should have seen his face when we told him tht a short broom is used to shred the leaves (yes, a broom. Its better that the modern blender. There’s a noticeable difference- traditional versus modern). We ladies giggled for minutes. After the meal, we had another HIV/AIDS lecture. I spent it trading tales of what the evil lecturers in Computer Science Department, University of Lagos. I happened to sit beside two of my classmates and another guy (Tos, who later joined our click) from our facult…


18 – 10 – 200721 – 4 = 17 more days to go.Tired. Woke up tired. It drizzled on us in the parade ground yesterday. So so tired. Hippy helped me to get water – she should be the time keeper anytime its needed. The group has expanded – it now comprises of Ben, Kanny, Lola, Hippy, Alcatraz (he calls himself that, seriously!), and me. We were given an HIV/AIDS lecture after meditation and prayer today. My platoon will be conducting the meditation on Tuesday next week. We did more drills today. I think my feet are bloodless right now. I called Big Mum’s cousin here in Ede – I think I might grab the opportunity to go out on Saturday if I can.the platoons that com last in the drill competition (the last three) will come back to the field to drill again on Saturday. God knows I need to rest instead.They gave us our first “alawi” today (Corper allowance) = just one thousand five hundred naira (N1500) but the queue was exceedingly long. Uncle Wasiu (my ex – neighbor) came to my rescue and helped…


17 – 10 – 200721 – 3 = 18 more days to go.This is Hell camp. If you ever watched ‘Major Pain’, you’ll understand a part of what we are being put through here. We were out by four again this morning, only that there was zero activity until almost 6 a.m. – imagine that! Back to the field to march (is it march or match?) some more then pick up the surroundings. We were sent to our halls at about 9 a.m. to eat and get dressed. By 10 we were chased to the field to await the Governor’s arrival, the Governor that had not even had his bath by then.Finally the Deputy Governor showed. By noon we were through with the swearing in. The NYSC anthem has funny lyrics – let me give you some: Youth obey the clarion call (clarion?)Let us lift our nation highUnder the sun or in the rainWith dedication and selflessnessNigeria’s oursNigeria we serve.Now that is just the first stanza. The other three are worse, not worth mentioning at all. It seemed nice at first, and has a nice tone to it, but its “under …


16 – 10 – 2007We were woken up by 4 a.m. and told to file out. Did I tell you I made a new friend? Actually I made many, but I stuck with a fellow Lagos Corper – Lola. She is also a Unilag graduate. I introduced her to Benny and Kanny, and eventually Tommy. After the morning prayer, we were taken on a drill. Its been long since I matched for AYM (Adventist Youth Ministry) and that was even voluntary. This is stress! We spent about four hours matching up and down, and learning how to come to attention – by number. I hate that procedure: the Drill Instructor shouts, “Attention by number!” and you raise your left leg, shouting, “One!”. When he shouts “Two!”, you reply “Two” and hit your foot hard on the ground. Aaaaarrrrggghhh!After the drill, it was time for breakfast and I was on the queue faithfully, only to discover that we were being served “Rock Buns” (that is what I could call the Akara (bean cakes) that we were given), and water – akamu (it was actually yellow lumpy pap). I took …


15 – 10 – 2007Early rising. Benny and Kanny (two of my classmates were posted to the same camp but they didn't know how to get there, so I suggested they go with me. They are two dorks actually). The driver that Mum contracted to take us to camp also arrived early. By 6.45 a.m. we were on our way. Mum loaded us with disposable platefuls of rice and dodo and chicken (can you beat that?). The boys fell in love with her instantly. She also gave them garri. By a few minutes pas t 9 a.m. we had arrived. We passed through Ogun, Oyo and Osun states to get to Ede.Its ironic how I did my university education in Lagos and I'm now being posted to Lagos, then I'm from Osun state and I'm doing my Orientation in Osun state.Anyway, we got on our way and then the rigorous began at the camp gate. When we Lagos Corpers were seperated at the first part, I thought it was good, only to discover that they wanted to "show" us. By "they" I mean the soldiers here. It was at…


14-10-2007Well, tomorrow is the D - Day. I’m going to NYSC camp tomorrow. I still can’t believe it. And the one I can’t believe is Tit’s case. She’s not going for the third time she’s not going. Actually it’s the sixth time, you know, twice a year. And through no fault of her own. Her department in her school has been withdrawing the list of results that contains her name for three years in a row. Why, we don’t know. This time, her call – up letter is right there in the Student Affairs Office, and all the other twenty – nine students’. They can see it, but unless the department sends a copy of their results to the Students Affairs Office, they cannot be given their call – up letters.It’s a sad situation because its so obvious that its purely an act of wickedness. The problem is that the other twenty – nine are all suffering along with whoever the bastard lecturer(s) [ forgive my French here, but the word is the most appropriate I can find right now] want to punish. Now what started ou…

NYSC - Camp

I actually thought I notified the authorities here that I was going to Orientation camp, but reading through now I see that I didn't. I wonder what my punishment will be.
I did as promised. I wrote everything that happened to me and several others at camp. And I am prepared to pour it all out. It was a bit awkward at first, having to write instead of type. I have some 13 pages to type for y'all, so be patient.

I got back on Monday, and it was a relief that I was finally home. I could not breathe properly due to severe catarrh, I was coughing from deep within my chest, my headache was now a normal occurrence, the gums on the right hand side of my jaw were swollen, and my body was extremely weak, but I was home. I was in my father's house, finally. Today's Wednesday, and I am finally able to chew, but I thank God.
I'll be back.........Soon.


It was the 23rd of September, and it was my birthday. I was happy, and at the same time I felt somehow - I felt old (yeah, rub it in Kafo!). I felt like I had passed a threshold and I could not go back. Hmm..let me try and talk like Kafo:

On the 23rd of September.....It was the 23rd year......of my existence, on earth.

On the 23rd of September.....I felt aged.......I felt old.....Not older, just OLD.

On the 23rd of September.....I felt like I had crossed into.......another threshold.

I felt like I had been walking through a I had been searching for something.......a path, a key, a stronghold.

To keep me safe.....a destination, a sense of belonging, a haven of love.......a feeling of fulfillment, the safety of a commitment.

On the 23rd of September.....I searched myself, within my soul.......trying to find out if I had achieved my goals.

I scanned my memory, my ascertain the fact that I was be sure I had reached the end and if not, to see if …

Interview IV

I got called for another interview today. This one caught me unawares. One minute I was dozing in my room, the next I was wondering if I had dreamed the phone call. I even sent a text, explaining that I was not ready for such an impromptu interview, only to be told that it didn't matter if I was informally dressed or that I would appear late. I was to just come 'as I am'.
I went. And for a few minutes, was almost regretting it. The interrogator com begin dey ask me textbook questions.
I no even believe am. I graduated last year - over a year now, for Heaven's sakes. How I go dey remember everything dem teach me, when I cram to pass the finals in the first place?
I just dey laugh. The man was surprised that I was not squirming, Then he began to check out my CV. and eventually was so surprised at what I had done that he began to ask how far away I lived from their office and other stuff.
Then I mentioned NYSC. Yesterday's interviewer's reaction was small compare…

Interview III

I got a buzz on my gmail by a classmate of mine that there was a vacancy I could fill. He wanted to know if I was interested. So I spread the word among all the other classmates we had, in case anyone else fitted the bill (the guy said there was a vacancy for 5 people). On Thursday I edited my CV, suited up, and went to Ikoyi for the interview.
It turned out to be more fun than I thought. I ended up chatting with my interrogator, instead of being in the hot seat. It was fun. The rain held me back and we talked for like 2 hours.

It seems I always end up having informal interviews every time. The man was so into my credentials and was assuring me that I should be expecting him, until I told him that I had not served. NYSC, I do not like the way the man's countenance changed at the mention of your name. He was not happy at all, but said he would talk to the employer, and get back to me if it was favourable. I just nodded my head. What was I to do?
I wonder who ever made NYSC compul…

Found out!

Can you believe it? Vicky found my blog! I did a publicity stunt for my blog some time back, because I wanted my friends to assess the template I had chosen. Turns out I also sent him the mail. Now I don't know what to do.

Should I stay honest? And really express myself? Or should I just smile and continue?
Hmmmm....Food for thought.

MTN's Top Ten

In a bid to cheer myself up, I sat in front of the TV for the first time since I got home last week. Now its not that I am allergic to watching TV, its just that I do not go out of my way to sit in front of it, when I have my darling Ruben (my Gateway laptop) ALL the time. But I had just lost a friend, and it was Friday night, I had to do something different. Even as I speak, my Mum is scolding me for it.
I put on the TV, and switched it to Nigerian TV for a change. Life is funny, the presenter of Sound City's MTN Top Ten is actually an old friend of mine, Deji Falope, who shot to fame despite the open disdain he was receiving from everyone for his woven hair, and his chosen hobby (modelling and TV presenting) - except me of course. I guess its why he still goes out of his way to greet me anytime he sees me.
Anyway, back to MTN Top Ten, I actually fell for some of the songs on the chart. Generally I must say that our video quality has really improved in Naija, and I think the exposu…

DEATH: Is it an option?

When I think about how today started off - with the mosquito concert overnight, I wonder how things might have been different if I had known. One of my friends killed himself on Thursday.

If you lived in Naija a bit, you would know the University of Lagos. And if you know the University of Lagos well, you would know all about the terrible hard-hearted, greedy 'Mr. Lecturer's that the school is mainly composed of. Well, if you know the faculty of Science very very well like I do, you would know that the departments of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science have Hell as better options to them if you had to choose. And you would also know that the reason Computer Science is separated from other departments is because its the worst of them all.
Now some people just go through the system and do not feel it. By this I mean that

they never waited a whole year to get their matriculation numbers,
they never had missing results,
they were never spotted by lecturers and manipulated for a…


God save us from the inaptness in our system o! Imagine spending almost an hour in traffic, on your way home from work, praying that you Meet electricity at home. Imagine getting to your street and smiling, if tiredly, when you see the security lights of all your neighbors on, indicating that your prayers have been answered only to get to your own house and meet darkness.

Your connection to the electric pole has been cut off (sorry for all the foneh, abeg. Na NEPA come our area o! Won wa jana!). Apparently they assumed that we were owing. But we had complaind about the N10, 000 bill they brought to us. Considering that we were the only occupants in our compound, it is a stupendous amount! Even occupants of Face-me-I-Face-you do't pay that much. Well, the NEPA official refused to see the bill we pasted at the gate (for occassions like this o, imagine!), and they cut off our supply.
Needless to say that I couldn't sleep well all through the night, because of the noise of the gener…

Abstract Questions

On the side, I was just thinking, if we were to look back on our lives, if we were to rewind the tape of life to, let's say, last month, would it have unravelled how we planned it?
If we really looked at the plans we made, did everything happen the way we planned?
Did the garbage truck really show up at eight p.m.?
Did we really submit that proposal at the appointed time?
Did we meet the deadline for that project? Did church service finish at exactly noon last Sabbath?

Abstract questions they are but you could come up with yours.
Didn't you spend more than you intended on your last shopping spree?
Did you wait till the last minute before paying you tithe? (Maybe that's why).

There are so many days when you plan to carry out some duties and even create some free time, only to see so many things you planned to do fall under the 'I shall get back to these later' category, when certain things happen. Things like...

Your boss shifting another person's work to your table the…


Imagine entering a danfo bus, after your car refused to work, around ten p.m. on a Monday, to go home.
Imagine receiving a call from your wife, asking where you were and how come you were out so late. Imagine getting down from the bus, to find out that your phone had disappeared.

And not just any phone. The type that costs about six digits or more. A Nokia Communicator.

What would run though your mind? What would you do?

Well, our pastor just strolled home, and told his wife. She suggested getting the same phone
immediately, the next day, but the Pastor had the conviction that it would be returned to
They went to bed.
The next morning, as he was strolling to the bus stop, some youth in the area asked him about his car, then he narrated his story. They told him they would trace it for him, that by nightfall, he would have it back.

If you were the one, wouldn't you have sneered at them? How can a phone be stolen from you and you would get it back? In Nigeria? Lailai! No be for this coun…

Prison Break - in Ibadan!

Prison Break
Imagine my shock when I heard about the prison break in Ibadan.I felt trepidation that somewhere someone had copied all those silly american films - or someone who has been seeing Prison Break decided to try it out. And no wonder at his success - our prisons are so old, i bet its the threat of jazz that keeps those criminals in there. Now the jazz is broken. But it is a wake up call to the Prison Service in Nigeria. A loud one.
But the deaths are pitiful. Forty people dead. Just because their walls were not strong enough.
Just because Nigeria could not maintain its prison system.
God have mercy on us all.
And be sure to find innocent people who might have been 'detained' over flimsy reasons like expired licenses, and wandering in the night, and who couldn't pay the 'free' bail fee.
God have mercy....
Check it out at Newsreel1, Newsreel2, and Newsreel3

September 11

I know it has been 6 years but it still has left a painful memory for the whole world. I cannot imagine the hurting families that would have tears in their eyes on that day. I hope we all went out of our way to be nice to people on that fateful day - you can tell me all about it!

I was in my mum's office on that day, and a young girl came to check her results with my Mum. I looked up from my PC when I heard three consecutive zeros. My mum added another one, and I had to look back down. If she failed, what was my business. Eventually Mum went out, and the same girl came back into the office, asking to talk to me.
ME? I wondered. WHY ME?
She said her name was Bunmi, and she needed advice. She had transferred from one department to her present department about two weeks before the last exam (FAULT ONE: How could the department have allowed that? Surely they should have told her that it was not feasible, just two weeks before the exam!). And it turns out most of her courses, because ther…

NYSC - national delay or service?

At one point in my trip, the bus was told to slow down for workers ahead. We got close and it turned out to be NYSC people, clearing the road and packing sand into ditches (NYSC means National Youth Service Corps. It is a year long program that every graduate has to partake in, in Nigeria. Without the certificate that it has been completed, 99% of companies and 100% of the governmental ministries will NOT employ you). Some of them were a bit excited but I was not thrilled, honestly. These ones were the lucky ones, the ones that didn't get posted to danger zones like Port Harcourt (which, from the last I knew, was declared (or about to be declared) a state of emergency), Zamfara (a truly Islamic state), or the Eastern remotest villages where the rudimentary comforts of life that we have taken for granted are not available (like pipe - born water, and electricity). Come to think of it, every state has far - to - reach obscure villages that lack these things, and the danger of being …

Trip to Lagos

Today was a funny day. I will start from the night before, when I had to sweettalk Vicky into going home, and when I hugged him goobye he didn't want to let go. For a fw minutes after he drove off, several things kept running through my mind. Then I shook myself mentally - of course I was coming back. Of course there couldn't possibly be any accident on the way. God would protect me to and fro in Jesus name. Amen.
Then I worked on the net all night. It's amazing how little you really earn from all this free - to - join paid - to - read eamil schemes. But if I could do it everyday, I know it might be a trickle but the little drops would amount to something later.
So I waited for Vicky to come and drop me off at the bus terminal. He came, and even stayed awhile with me there.
Cross Country is supposedly one of the best transport services but I was thoroughly dissappointed that day. The second bus to Lagos was supposed to leave by 8 a.m., but didn't leave until twenty minut…

Option B

Well, I decided to be obedient to my Dad this time, and travel to Lagos by road. He is so scared of the airplanes in Nigeria, and CNN does not make it any better with their overblowing up of stories. But I had to go and see at least two of my clients first, to notify them that I would not be in town for a while. I agree with my Mum, why not stay in Lagos and finish everything they want me to sign, whenever it comes up? Why not wait for the call - up letter before going back to Abuja? It made sense to stay for as long as it would take. But I had a major problem. I just got this internet connection for myself, twenty-four hours, from Reliance Telecommunications a.k.a RelTel. I paid ten thousand naira for a month as an Abuja resident, and since I was going to Lagos, it just might not work there. I was worried about that.
Anyway, I spent the whole of Wednesday seeing my clients, and submitting another proposal somewhere else.
Then I told Vicky, who wasnt too happy to hear that I had to trav…

Option C or B?

Well, since no one answered me, I chose option C. It seems the best option anyway, since it would cost me the least - about N200. I tried the one friend in science that I knew would help me out of any trouble - Angel. Angel has been my friend for five years, and she is a true friend to the core. She would cut her hair for me if it was what I needed to go forward. I have been there for her as well, and some people even think we are sisters. Angel went to the Head of Department Secretary's office and met a brick wall. She was told that she could not take the form out of the office, that she had to sign it right there. She now confessed that she was not the one, and was told to tell me to send an authorization email to the department, allowing her to act in my stead. Needless to say that by the time all the protocols are fulfilled, the Secretary would have submitted the forms to the Dean of Student Affairs office and it would be too late.
So I just have to travel down. But I still hav…

By Road or Air?

Well, I got a call from a classmate on Monday that I needed to come back to Lagos to sign yet another form for my NYSC (I signed the fifth one the last time I went to Lagos). I am getting tired of the NYSC even before it has begun. But you know that with out the passing out certificate that shows that you participated in the program to serve your mother land, nobody will employ you here in Nigeria (and I think even the UK is asking for it now. People is it true?).
So I have to travel back to Lagos asap, as the boy who told me said the forms will be submitted to the Dean of Student Affairs Office on Friday.
So people, I had to choose one of these three options:
A. Take a N15,000 flight down to Lagos and get there in time to fill the form, and take road transport back to Abuja.

B. Take road transport to Lagos on Wednesday (I need a day at least to get permission, see my current website clients and notify them of my trip). Keep in mind that Road transport takes at least nine (9) hours to Lag…


I just read some of my baby girl's blog posts and fell in love over again. with words. I used to love writing, then all of a sudden I stopped. I think I need to pick up my pen again.

Poetry is music on paper, someone once said, and how true it is. The words were just flowing like a brook through my soul.
I think you all need to visit

Kafo, keep it up. Keep it real! I love you always girl!

Weddings in the air 2

So where did I stop? Oh. Those people who would put down anything just to say they contributed to something. But the bride didn't even budge, since she had compromised enough on that very gown by adjusting it to fit the 'standard', there was no way she was going to let it bother her. I admire that.

The second wedding was also lovely. And larger. It was in an ancient Seventh-day adventist church in Ile-Ife, and it was packed full as well, both with Nigerians here and in the diaspora. I was feeling okay and looking forward to seeing Vicky who managed to come for the engagement and wedding. He covered some of the wedding with the camcorder I brought. He was so happy to see his friends, that his conscience didn't bother him that he 'ran' from the office with a fake sick leave.

You should have seen the smile on his face. I loved it. Back to the wedding, I loved the gown, and the colors chosen for the wedding. I loved the wedding website as well, its something I can cr…