To supplement or not to supplement?

Ok, its day 9, and I must confess I broke the rules a little. Rather than not eat fruits I chose not to eat at all. I didn't feel hunger pangs and I must say Vicky had to insist we go eat when he heard I had not eaten for over 10 hrs.

I travelled for the easter break - went for Vicky's elder brother's wedding. I had to go a day earlier so I could participate in the preparations. This time we were on the husband's side of the wedding so we really didn't have much to do, but the little we did was a lot.

I learnt to use my creative imagination again - did a lot of ribbon design and frills and twirls and stuff. We had to make the wedding Bible and the Wedding letter (Those of us that are Yoruba, know these things) frilly and nice-looking. We also had to tie ribbons on every other item - yam tubers, packs of 6-pack can drinks (up to 20 of that), and even a packet of sugar. At one point I asked if there was a goat on the list - at least something would wear the ribbons proudly.

Well, the engagement has taken place, and the wedding was fantastic - everyone turned out I guess, and kafo I saw your parents, and they still look lovely and young. Three days and I ate only once each day. Then I get back and read Solomonsydelle's comment on my last post, and begin to think - I do need to supplement my diet for those nutrients I cannot get from the fruits.

I can use GNLD supplements but that is just one option. Anybody got other ideas? Right now all I am eating is pineapple, apple, and oranges...I need more ideas!